What does the fake war on terror have to do with TPP ?

What exactly does the TPP and the fake war on terror have in common ?

Which corporations are involved in both ?
Both are misleading the public about their stated aim.
Both are conducted in secrecy and cover much of the globe.
Both trample over civil right’s and constitutions while awarding more rights to fictional identities such as corporations.
Both are limiting freedom of expression, while the MSM is practising an information blackout.
Both settle legal matters in secret hearings.
Both are supported by duopolies, while the informed public is against them each time.
Both benefit multinational corporations able to sue for financial compensation at taxpayers expense when government policies reduce their own financial forecast.
Both have whistleblowers supplying vital information to the independent media.
Both thrive on a system of Inverted Totalitarianism.
Both have the attitude of, either you are with us or there will be consequenses.
Both have ambitions to assert control over the rest of the world, not to mention that both are designed for isolating the rise of the Chinese powerhouse.

  • http://www.byebyedemocracy.org/ kokanee

    I love your post, SF!

    Both have the attitude of, either you are with us or we’re going to fuck you up!

    I’ve read all of your posts: good stuff. I’ve been meaning to sprinkle a few comments around. For some unknown reason, I just got really busy with work.


    • Southernfink

      Food for thought, trying to get tongues wagging about the two most controversial topics in international politics.