Transnistria seeks to join Russian Federation

NATO supreme commander in Europe, General Philip Breedlove, warned Russia against any attempt to “annex” Transnistria.

The Foreign Affairs Minister of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, the very glamorous Nina Shtanski (photo), welcomed the outcome of Crimea’s referendum on self-determination and recalled that on 17 September 2006, in an analogous vote, 97.2% of Transnistrians had come out in favor of becoming part of the Russian Federation.

The President of Transnistria’s Parliament, Mikhail Burla, wrote to his Russian counterpart asking him to pass a law on the accession of Transnistria to the Russian Federation emulating, what has been done for Crimea.

The President of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, asked the European Union to speed up the signing of an association agreement so as to have a lock on Transnistria’s legal attachment to his country.

The President of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic, Yevgeny Shevchuk, went to Moscow to discuss the situation of his country’s Russian-speaking population following Kiev’s closure of the Ukrainian border.

Moldova declared its independence on 19 August 1990. Just as, at the time of the USSR, Crimea was administratively attached to Ukraine, Transnistria was attached to Moldova, from which it declared independence one week later, on 1 September. However, Moldova was admitted to the UN, but not Transnistria, which has existed for 24 years as an unrecognized state. In June 1992, NATO tried unsuccessfully to resolve this issue through force, killing more than a thousand people, but had to back off due to the resistance of the population [1]. Since then, the country’s security has been provided by a contingent of Russian peacekeepers.

This article was re-posted from the Voltaire network 24 march 2014

  • Southernfink

    All that glitters isn’t gold…

    Interesting, more nations going ‘East’ indicates that the current batch of US designed/led trade deals is not all that appealing to nations, no doubt, a good neighbors, is better than a far away friend…

    • kokanee

      That’s exactly right. What’s wrong with choice and competition? Did the US/NATO/EU really think they could establish a one government new world order?

      • Southernfink

        A one government NWO they’d wish !

        They have become smarter, hence even more cunningly deceptive, they have… ‘The trade deal’, when a trade deal is activated a government becomes an enabler for the Plutocracy, sovereignty goes out the bathroom window.

        The whole alphabet soup of trade deals are on the table, trade deal’s have ISDS clauses, that is the danger, by using these a government can be controlled by corporations into reversing environmental standards, like what happened in Canada when corporations used the ISDS in an existing trade agreement to reverse a standing ban on hydraulic fracturing.

        The ISDS are particularly handy in the event when ‘fair’ elections have taken place, a ‘people’s government wins the majority of the vote and becomes elected, it could then start doing things that are with the benefit of humanity and not with the for profit motive of the Plutocracy in mind, mind you by installing trade deals, ‘Progressiveness’ is prevented.

        The sole function of the trade deal is to empower corporations, to be able to effectively neuter any real power from an elected government.

        Trade deals pose a real risk to the health and well being of the planet, and therefore humanity, and civil rights animal rights, in short, they have nothing to do with choice and competition, in fact they are purely designed to take it away.

        • kokanee

          I actually mean to say “one company world.” And yes, the western multinational corporations aren’t interested in competition – they’re interested in profit. And profit comes from market power. The more the better. Hey – they love monopolies!

          The competition is coming from Russia. As Thierry Meyssan said, “freedom and prosperity…have changed sides.” A little competition from Russia should put a damper on the “one company world” – at least temporarily.

          • Veri1138

            Hey, you might want to copy-paste this to your friends…

            In the military, we were taught that… on average… for a revolution to happen, that the average for the size of the middle-class was around 12%. The middle-class started getting ideas about possessing what the upper-class had… the usual story for revolutions (the middle-class recruit the poor to do the fighting and dying, the middle-class wins, the middle-class becomes the ruling class, the poor stay poor).

            There are some exceptions… Saudi Arabia being one of them… but they export their terrorists.

            When one looks at the breakdown of current income inequality in The US (and The West, we have rough numbers of .01%, .1%, and 1% and then 10%. The Oligarchs have taken the lesson of revolutions and applied it… in reverse.

            Using financial means, they have beholden the 10-12% to them (technocrats, bureaucrats, etc) and the rest of the 90% serve at their pleasure. And the usual police state tactics, refined for a more light-handed appearance.

            It would seem that to exert control over a society, 10% is the magic number. Roughly.

            It would be interesting to see a comparison from past to now. Maybe why revolution remains a pipe dream for the 90%.

          • Southernfink

            That’s good logic for having stronger government’s instead of increasing corporate power.

            At least there is some competition going round, it’s rather disheartening to notice that our ‘Western government’s are the minions for the Plutocracy.

            Public office is a mere stepping stone, up to the well greased revolving door that lead’s into the corporate world.

            Talk about competition, have you read Pepe Escobar’s latest article, Russia is about to sign a Trillion dollar gas deal with China, payment could be in either’s currency, might be an opportune moment for launching a new world reserve currency, course that’s just speculation on my part.

            • kokanee

              Totally agree. Not only do we need stronger governments, we need more autonomous governments that aren’t captured by the so-called international community. Dissolve all international trade deals, transfer power to the citizens and then initiate fair trade versus rigged aka “free” trade.

              A third way for Ukraine:

              • Southernfink

                By dissolving trade agreement’s government’s can regain their former strength, I am wondering about a rigged voting system, how can right winged government get the numbers up in times such as these, I question the integrity of electronic voting machines, which are known for not being exactly tamper proof. Thanks for the link I will check it out.

              • kokanee

                There’s been all kinds of voter fraud with the electronic voting machines. It was all part of the paid to lose democrats role. Now that the dems rate to be the ruling party for the foreseeable future, they are now insisting on a paper trail and have a team of thousands of lawyers. But that doesn’t help third parties. It’s not like either the dems or the repubs will stick up for third party votes.

              • Southernfink

                Electronic voting or the controversies surrounding Diebold machine have proven that this system not immune to outside manipulation in one way or another, recounts are impossible, and that is exactly what a manipulator want’s !

                Electronic voting machines are openly announcing that the system is rigged from the start.