Two Hetereodox Views Of The Global Market Meltdown – Take Note!

Thom Hartmann – the partisan hack that he is – tends to abuse the term “Reaganomics” in an effort to deflect blame from the neoliberal Dem party which has adopted the underlying ideology for its own — understood world-wide not as “Reaganomics” but as neoliberalism — which preceded Reagan(and Thatcher) by at least a decade […]

Corporate rule hurts the US more than shutdown

The Tea Partiers are undoubtedly viewing “job creators” (large corporate CEOs and managers) as essential to growing American jobs, wages, and prosperity. At the same time, when drilling deeper into their support of the free market capitalist system, they seem to be capable of distinguishing between “free market” capitalism and government rigged market corporatism; resting […]

You don’t have to be a [“fucking”] Marxist to see how the 1% is schtupping us all — donkeys and pachyderms — alike…

This is a bit of a gratuitous post in as much as Richard Wolff (“Marxist”) is not telling the presumptive “left” what (“libertarian”) is not reporting each and every day, play by play, in real time. With articles like these: The Big-Picture Economy, Part 5: The State, Taxes And The Shredding Social Contract, Consumer Sentiment Plunges […]

The Centrist Dem Argument: Burn The Common Weal to Save It

Which is, in essence, the same subterfuge used by the Republican party since the inception of the social safety net. WARNING: Must-watch but  keep a puke bucket close at hand. Paul Jay hosting an exchange between “Joseph Minarik (former chief economist of the Office of Management and Budget for eight years during the Clinton Administration) […]

Occupy the Economy

  Occupy the Economy Review of Richard Wolff’s Book by Shamus Cooke, 9/10/12 Source: Global Research Any book with “Occupy” in the title should be read with great skepticism. Richard Wolff is prepared to attack such suspicion in his book “Occupy the Economy, Challenging Capitalism.” But “Occupy the Economy” has an additional challenge that invites extra […]

Yes, there is an alternative to capitalism: Mondragon shows the way

  Yes, there is an alternative to capitalism: Mondragon shows the way Why are we told a broken system that creates vast inequality is the only choice? Spain’s amazing co-op is living proof otherwise By Richard Wolff, 24/06/12 Source: There is no alternative (“Tina”) to capitalism? Really? We are to believe, with Margaret Thatcher, that […]

Richard Wolff: Burning Down the House of Illusions as Capitalism Hits the Fan

  We ought to be gravely concerned about the deteriorating conditions and circumstances of our existence, be it personal relations, financial security, ecology, family, stress, quality of life, or the acceptance of war as an economic engine, which itself is the moral equivalent of Auschwitz, except that we have come to accept it as norm […]

The American Public Has Always Been Left of Center

…even before the center has been moved, in a bipartisan effort, way into the right field. Many of the Tea Party cohort still express little more than the effects of deep ideological programming, buffeted by the inability/unwillingness to subject their rickety claims to critical examination. Things, however, are changing. While their abiding distrust of Government […]

Paul Krugman: How to Boil The American Frog

  I often complain, with reason, about the state of economic discussion in the United States. And the irresponsibility of certain politicians — like those Republicans claiming that defaulting on U.S. debt would be no big deal — is scary.   But at least in America members of the pain caucus, those who claim that […]

Capitalism Hits the Fan

One thing. When was the last time you heard Richard Wolff present his economic views on cable?— raving mad socialist Rachel Maddow?, Anyone?   "With unerring coherence and unequaled breadth of knowledge, Rick Wolff offers a rich and much needed corrective to the views of mainstream economists and pundits. It would be difficult to come […]