Bernie Sanders: ‘Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal’

That’s a stumper of a stomper, WTF? My first reaction was ‘indeed!,’ immediately followed by: not the Kochs again! Smacks of more deflecting and shilling for the Dems from Bernie. “Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal,” Sanders said in a wide-ranging interview with the website. “That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there […]

What’s The EU’s Endgame?

Judging by the image of a lighthouse embedded in this video, the view expressed is supported by UKIP. Not exactly the outfit whose own long term visions of a socio-political economy I would support. That however should not detract from Vladimir Bukovsky’s assessment of what is currently transpiring. This, IMO, holds true for both UKIP […]

Obama’s Great Betrayal

  Political Patricide Obama’s Great Betrayal by MICHAEL BRENNER, SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 Barack Obama’s betrayal will resonate in history long after he has become just another name on the over-priced celebrity speaker circuit.  It is a betrayal of far more than the youthful idealists and loyal progressives who put him in the White House.  Obama has unmoored […]

War Spending and Paul Krugman—What Planet Are You Living On?

That, and clamoring for more Keynesian stim to be pumped into Wall Streets backed up gilded oubliette. Paul Craig Roberts lines up some of these ducks for us here: Paul Craig Roberts: Dollars for Sale What Planet Are You Living On? War Spending and Paul Krugman by DAVE LINDORFF When you are the New York Times, or […]

Obama Blows a Judas Kiss to the Poor

  Obama Blows a Judas Kiss to the Poor by Ray McGovern   (excerpt) The unconscionable result of the manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling shows that the political Right knows how to play hardball, and that President Obama and his hapless party know how to get rolled.There are other options; and we, the people, need to […]

Matt Stoller: What Presidency?

  Matt Stoller: What Presidency?   By Matt Stoller, who worked on the Dodd-Frank financial reform law and Federal Reserve transparency issues as a staffer for Rep. Alan Grayson (on Twitter at @matthewstoller)   To explain – there’s an endless stream of musings on our current political problems, with an attempt to apportion “blame” for […]

White House Promotes Genetically Engineered Crops in Wildlife Refuges

  Emails Show White House Promotes Genetically Engineered Crops in Wildlife Refuges Monday 25 July 2011 by: Mike Ludwig, Truthout    The Obama administration is supporting genetically engineered (GE) agriculture in more than 50 national wildlife refuges across the country and watchdog groups say internal emails among top administration officials reveal that the GE plots […]

25 Reasons To Rebel Against Bankers And Their Minions

  ​Odly enough it's the T'Partiers who display the greatest revulsion for this state of affairs. The Liberals/Progressives have been corralled by their Wall Street owned Democrat(ic) Party into an array of gatekeeper veal pens.  Why is it so difficult for hard working Americans to recognize the source of the economic breakdown, shed their socio-cultural […]

Understanding the Federal “Debt Crisis”

Understanding the Federal "Debt Crisis" How the Super-Rich are Bleeding the Treasury   By SAM PIZZIGATI   (excerpt)   Once upon a time in America, back a century ago, our nation's rich paid virtually nothing in taxes to the federal government. And that same federal government did virtually nothing to better the lives of average […]

Americans Insist Their Kids Eat Shit Forevah

The Tunisian ex-Presidential crook Ben Ali will spend the next 35 years in jail. Our own crook President, whose administration insists that the dreams of the next generation's fathers be nullified, has an approval rating amongst it’s tribal idiots of over 70% – go figure. The way that a ponzi scheme works is that at […]