Chomsky’s Choice: Genocide?!

 What’ll It be Folks: Xenophobia or Genocide? by AIDAN O’BRIEN source: Have we reached the endgame of Western democracy? When we heard Chomsky, a week or two ago on Democracy Now, saying that if pushed he’d vote for Clinton, it felt like the end. So hell is this Hobbesian choice: xenophobia or genocide? And it’s […]

How to Rid Us of Neoliberal-Neoconservatism in One Electoral Cycle

End Wars and Empire's bases End NAFTA style Trade Agreements End Wall Street; Nationalize Banks   "Unless we, the mass of the population stop them [capitalist class]…politically, by voting, we stop them democratically, and if necessary, we stop them in the streets."   — David Harvey        The strategy of pursuing a deflationary […]