Two Hetereodox Views Of The Global Market Meltdown – Take Note!

Thom Hartmann – the partisan hack that he is – tends to abuse the term “Reaganomics” in an effort to deflect blame from the neoliberal Dem party which has adopted the underlying ideology for its own — understood world-wide not as “Reaganomics” but as neoliberalism — which preceded Reagan(and Thatcher) by at least a decade […]

The Neoliberal War On The Peoples Of The World Encounters Its First Resistance In Greece

Judging from reports at sightings of ballets of black swans, circling the skies over China, Puerto Rico, France, etc., augur a perfect storm into which the neoliberal armada appears to be headed, just as it readies to decimate the Greek debt slaves before advancing on the rest of us. Since we are many while they are few, their control of information and […]

Russia, China, MMT And Gold Against US Dollar And Military Hegemony – An Interview With Michael Hudson

One of the better interviews of Michael Hudson, revealing his open eyed understanding of finance and geopolitcal realities. The Saker interviews Michael Hudson The Saker: We hear that the Ukraine will have to declare a default, but that it will probably be a “technical” default as opposed to an official one. Some say that the decision […]

Michael Hudson’s Antidote to Neo-liberal Economists’ and “Austerians'” Deadly, Daily, Poison

Another title, for the conditioned to unconditionally surrender to party line liberal, could have been: Paul Krugman Sucks Up To Robert Rubin’s and the Fed’s Deadly Farts. According to Hudson’s insight into the purpose of the Fed’s (3 Trillion, and counting) QE policy – no end in sight – and the neoliberal deficit hawks’, in […]

Recommended: Michael Hudson: America’s Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff, Part II

By: szielinski Wednesday January 2, 2013 source: MyFDL Wage Slavery plus debt peonage — these are the fates awaiting the ‘better off’ members of the 99%, Alan Simpson’s “lesser people.” The ‘worst off’ shall continue to find themselves existing on city streets, squatting in vacant land and buildings, suffering one of the many prisons which pockmark the body politic or dying […]

The Weaponization of Economic Theory

  The Weaponization of Economic Theory By Michael Hudson, 07/13/12 Source: Michael Hudson (bolding mine) Europe’s three needs: a debt write-down, a real central bank, and a more efficient tax system  Brussels Talk, Madariaga College, Governing Globalisation in a World Economy in Transition, June 27, 2012 What can Europe learn from the United States? First, the United […]

Economists: End Or Drastically Downsize the Fed

  Economists: End Or Drastically Downsize the Fed Posted on October 15, 2011 by WashingtonsBlog Source: Washington’s Blog Economics Professor and monetary expert Randall Wray told me that we should end the regional Federal Reserve banks, as they have such terrible conflicts of interest, strip out all regulatory power from the Fed (since it doesn’t believe […]

Mainstream Economics is a Cult


  Neoclassical Economics – Guided by Mythical Assumptions – Is Divorced from Reality Source: Washington’s Blog, 06/30/12     Neoclassical economics is a cult. Economics professor Steve Keen notes: Neoclassical economics has become a religion.  Because it has a mathematical veneer, and I emphasize the word veneer, they actually believe it’s true. Once you believe something is true, […]

False Debate: More Stimulus Or More Austerity


“If the problem that is grinding the economy to a halt is too much debt, and if no one in the government – in either party – is looking at solving the debt problem, then … we’re going to go into a depression as far as the eye can see.” – Michael Hudson Hudsons assessment: […]

Productivity, The Miracle of Compound Interest and Poverty

A lengthy and important essay from Michael Hudson, and one which should help wean us off the “progressive” establishment academe economists like Paul Krugman and his voodoo yaking.   Productivity, The Miracle of Compound Interest and Poverty April 22, 2012 By Michael Hudson This is a re-working of my second talk at the Rimini MMT conference, […]