Desperately Visionless and Self-eviscertaing Electoral Short-termism Of The Partisan, Liberal, “Left”

Nothing Left The long, slow surrender of American liberals By Adolph Reed Jr., From Harper’s March 2014 issue source: Harper’s Magazine For nearly all the twentieth century there was a dynamic left in the United States grounded in the belief that unrestrained capitalism generated unacceptable social costs. That left crested in influence between 1935 and 1945, when it anchored […]

Capitalism Favoring Social(ist)Liberals’ Big Management Dilemma: “The Right Amount of Inequality”

The Liberals and Inequality, Then and Now by David L. Wilson source: Monthly Review Articles on income equality sometimes note that the U.S. economy hasn’t faced the current level of disparity since 1928, on the eve of the Great Depression.  There has been much less discussion of the responses to the issue back then, even though […]

What Do They Have to Do to Lose Your Vote? — The Trail of Broken Promises

It’s memory lane, I know, but no less pertinent today then it was in 2008. It could be filed under “lessons not learned” but, as such, it carries value for the next, and up-and-coming round of the Dem establishment herding the party skeletons into their deepest and dankest closets. by MATT GONZALEZ Counterpunch: OCTOBER 29, 2008 Watching […]

Could Truths Go Viral? Liberals In The Weeds?

    I’m far more radical than the liberal dream. But as a wake up call to what liberals have been led to and, conversely, away from, by corrupt politicians and the status quo media, this is not bad…a bit corny, ripe for some editing but could be worked with. There’s got to be some talent […]

The Left’s Big Sellout: How The ACLU & Human Rights Groups Quietly Exterminated Labor Rights

  THE LEFT’S BIG SELLOUT: HOW THE ACLU & HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS QUIETLY EXTERMINATED LABOR RIGHTS By Mark Ames Source: The eXiled   This article was first published at The Daily Banter Progressive intellectuals have been acting very bipolar towards labor lately, characterized by wild mood swings ranging from the “We’re sorry we abandoned labor, how could we!” […]

The Problem with the Study of Economics

My rejection of a reflexive acceptance of a binary world view has got me banished from so many progressive/liberal/leftist blogs that I've lost count. I used to think that one of the distinguishing characteristics of a leftie was the ability to access empathy and compassion; that, for instance, the anti-war leftist was moved to action […]

The American Public Has Always Been Left of Center

…even before the center has been moved, in a bipartisan effort, way into the right field. Many of the Tea Party cohort still express little more than the effects of deep ideological programming, buffeted by the inability/unwillingness to subject their rickety claims to critical examination. Things, however, are changing. While their abiding distrust of Government […]

The Ear Piercing Silence of the Liberal Sheep on the Patriot Act’s Extension.

Glenn Greenwald has another must read post up at Salon, this time on the third leg of fascism—the security State—titled:  The Patriot Act and bipartisanship. The other two are, of course: Government and its Corporate captor. ​Another article (excerpts below G'zilla's) addressing this same issue has been penned by Kevin Gosztola. A very gifted intern […]

Is Ron Paul More Progressive Than Obama?

I suppose that the question here might have been posed in terms of Liberals and Libertarians. I’ve posed it on several occasions at Firedoglake—a liberal gatekeeper site—and the responses were so illogical, incomprehensible and demented, as to transform the effectively pro war arguments of peace loving liberals into an effluvium of Palinesque babble. Ron Paul: More […]

Saudi Oil Money, Vile Democrats, and Democracies In Peril

A few quick excerpts which makes one wonder, again,  if the Progressives, Liberals, and Democrats in general are just a bunch of closet reptiles. Whenever I enter their gated communities in the Left blogosphere a deep visceral revulsion instantly washes over me—who are these little fucking monsters really? How can they identify with that shit, […]

Beck Over Maddow Any Day…

Alexander Cockburn's article provocatively titled Why I Mourn for Glenn Beck—whether one agrees, or not—exemplifies the refusal of an individual, very much his own, to part take of the Uniparty's faux dichotomy of absolutism. Fact is, when you're good you're good and when you suck, it should also be noted.  Most parents hardly ever engage in […]

Depthless Pit Of Left/Liberal/Progressive Inertia

Recent days have seen several articles and sentiments expressed by a Robert Springborg, professor of national security affairs at the Naval Postgraduate School, in Monterrey, CA. They found their way into NPR, Foreign Affairs, The Guardian UK, Reuters Africa, several left blogs – in short; they are making their rounds. The general gist of these dispatches from the […]