Single Issue Voting…

This is one exhaustive and exhaustingly long, insightful and well referenced article, presenting a different, from the establishment punditocracy perspective, view of electoral politics. It begs for some collective marking up of instructive passages or, if it makes anyone feel better, individualist unpacking of parts or the whole or, nothing at all – possibilities abound…   […]

Obama Democrats Prying Open The Trans Pacific Partnership Pandora’s Box

Everywhere, it seems, deep in denial and desperate Dem party loyalists at loss to explain away Obama’s corporate interests friendly compromises with the astroturf Tea Party—the potent Ayn Rand, and Koch Brothers’ names are invoked to detract from, and exonerate, the Dem party’s own transgressions, sins and betrayals—are drawing inter-party distinctions where few exist, and […]

Parochial Political Movements Do Not a Revolution Make

When one digs down deep enough – not that deep really – or “simply” casts off the veil of propaganda and life-long conditioning, one finds the political center and the public center to be occupying opposite poles. The problem confronting us is that few are eager to dig, and the veil is more like Linus’ […]

#OWS and Forging Common Cause with Tea People and Libertarians

by Anthony Freda via wendydavis

#OWS and Forging Common Cause with Tea People and Libertarians By: wendydavis , 22/01/2012 Source: MyFDL “We are the 99%; we are legion, they are few.” Yet in this country, not enough people have awakened to that fact, nor have enough who are now being shaken bit by bit from their slumber been able to name our common […]

If We Are Ever Going To Win, This Win-Win Deal Must Be Done

  If We Are Ever Going To Win, This Win-Win Deal Must Be Done By Cornelius F Brantley Jr , 06, 23, 2012 Source Since corporate rule will be with us for another 4 years, let me try one last time to tell whoever might be listening exactly what needs to be done to bring down […]

The 99% Can Only Win at the Intersection of the Political Left/Right Venn Diagram


I come across commenters on sites like Alternet and Raw (banished from most other “lefty” sites) who correctly identify the political system as a systemically corrupt, and hostile to the population at large, cabal of champions of neoliberal/neocon interests. Too often, though, their astute comments end in links to the Green, or some Progressive or Socialist […]

Ralph Nader & Ron Paul See Third Way, Centrism and Corporatism as Facism’s Kissing Cousins

I perceive an alliance between the left, progressives, libertarians, and conservatives as a strategic necessity in a common effort to rid us of what is, plainly, turning America into a full blown fascist State. The establishment, through it's political and propaganda organs, will be working overtime in offering the public an electoral choice between Corporatist […]

Left-Right Alliance Against Banksters and American Foreign Policy

"Left" and "right" mean nothing in the current context: the real division is between government-privileged plutocrats and the rest of us. What you have to ask yourself is this: which side are you on?  – Justin Raimondo   The Banksters and American Foreign Policy What's driving the debt ceiling debate   by Justin Raimondo, July […]