There Is No Inflation In The La-La-Land We Do Not Live In

Keeping in mind that wages have been stagnant or falling for most of us… *** I Sure Am Glad There’s No Inflation Charles Hugh-Smith source: I sure am glad there’s no inflation, because these “stable prices” the Federal Reserve keeps jaw-jacking about are putting us in a world of hurt. We are constantly bombarded […]

Michael Hudson’s Antidote to Neo-liberal Economists’ and “Austerians'” Deadly, Daily, Poison

Another title, for the conditioned to unconditionally surrender to party line liberal, could have been: Paul Krugman Sucks Up To Robert Rubin’s and the Fed’s Deadly Farts. According to Hudson’s insight into the purpose of the Fed’s (3 Trillion, and counting) QE policy – no end in sight – and the neoliberal deficit hawks’, in […]