The Left and The Question of Nationalism in The Era of Neoliberal Globalization

Escaping the Euro Dream In light of developments in Greece, Germany’s Die Linke needs to consider how it relates to the European Union. by Nicole Gohlke & Janine Wissler source: The following statement was published last week by Nicole Gohlke and Janine Wissler, two radical MPs in Germany’s Die Linke (The Left Party) associated with one of […]

The Surreal Surrender Of The Putative, Socialist, Greek Left

The first stage of the surrender to the dictates of EU’s lackey technocrats, and to Germany’s iron will to re-create a Third Reich, using Ordoliberal conceits and financialized weapons of mass destruction wielded by another Goldmanite for the people,  is now a fait-accompli. The question remains, until tomorrow(Sunday, Jul 12,) whether Tsipras and the Syriza MP’s […]

Uncle Sam: Fuck The EU! — If I Can’t Have Her, I’ll Kill Her, Before I Share Her…

US Pushed For IMF Greek Haircut Study Release After Euro ‘Allies’ Tried To Block At a meeting on the International Monetary Fund’s board on Wednesday, European members questioned the timing of the report which IMF management proposed at short notice releasing three days before Sunday’s crucial referendum that may determine the country’s future in the euro […]

Neoliberal Europe Is Radical – Syriza And The Greek Public Are Not.

That is perhaps the most one can safely say about the current situation between the EU and Greece. Having “our” hopes go up in smoke with the election of Obama the election of SYRIZA has made us more guarded, perhaps more cynical. I doubt that anyone on the left has viewed Obama as a socialist come to […]

What’s The EU’s Endgame?

Judging by the image of a lighthouse embedded in this video, the view expressed is supported by UKIP. Not exactly the outfit whose own long term visions of a socio-political economy I would support. That however should not detract from Vladimir Bukovsky’s assessment of what is currently transpiring. This, IMO, holds true for both UKIP […]

Doom Loop: Bank Bailouts Reveal True Roots of Crisis

  EU[might as well apply to Washington] doom loop: bank bailouts reveal true roots of crisis By Jerome Roos, o6/26/12 Source: ROAR   Not excessive government spending but excessive bank lending lies at the root of the eurozone crisis. Here’s why the bankers, not the people, should pay. We’ve been listening to the same tired old story for […]

Soros Starts A Three Month Countdown To A European D-Day…

There is no Plan B. Kicking the can down the road is it. This road leads the masses straight into neo-feudal credit/debt peonage, especially those in the OECD countries. The wall ahead which the kleptocrats are ignoring has been defined by Michael Hudson as “debts which cannot be repaid, won’t be repaid.”  The results at […]

Destroy the Periphery: Save the Core’s Banks

    It Became Necessary to Destroy the Periphery in Order to Save the Core’s Banks By William K. Black MONDAY, JUNE 20, 2011   (excerpt)   Gary O’Callaghan, a former IMF economist has written about his distress over what he views as the European Central Bank’s (ECB’s) destructive policies toward the periphery.    The […]

Michael Hudson: Financial Road to Serfdom

A highly instructive post by one of perhaps three economists who can rip the veils of deceit from our eyes. The assault is global, and the rebellion against being forced onto the financial road to serfdom will ultimately be global as well.    When Greece defaults (Iceland just borrowed 5 Bilion for 5 years at 5%, […]