Chomsky’s Choice: Genocide?!

 What’ll It be Folks: Xenophobia or Genocide? by AIDAN O’BRIEN source: Have we reached the endgame of Western democracy? When we heard Chomsky, a week or two ago on Democracy Now, saying that if pushed he’d vote for Clinton, it felt like the end. So hell is this Hobbesian choice: xenophobia or genocide? And it’s […]

The Myth of the Liberal Media — and Its Internet Gatekeeper Derivatives

Most of the Internet’s “Independent” Left/Liberal media is little more than an imprecise, but just as tailored to the interests and aspirations of the status quo, echo of the MSM. The moment sites like Alternet, Truthdig, Truthout, etc. endeavor to “seriously” and “honestly” engage the duopolistic partisan left-right structure while taking a biased position in […]

Tug Of Class War

The ability to reincarnate oneself in the virtual world is an interesting phenomenon, so I talked to my other other avatar, and gave myself permission to repost a few older diaries, of which this one will be the first. Having established 'fuckno' over nearly 2 years of commenting and several months of posting diaries, I […]

FDL: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

A little war flared up over at FDL about morality. The initial claim which started the ruckus:  “Does morality have any meaning to “progressives” who refuse to support a primary challenge of Obama?”.    I’d take it a step further than that. Supporting the Democrat(ic) party itself in view of the crimes against humanity perpetrated […]

Liberal Progressives Chasing Own Tail

(This post was initially intended for FDL, so some portions may sound odd.) I’d have been happy to say nothing, and let Prof. Chomsky make the case, except for the three paragraph 100 words min. posting rule. Let me concentrate just on the initial 3 paragraph long comment: And there’s been a wave of propaganda […]

A Thorn In The Side… Nader, Paul & Arundhati Roy

What has Nader ever done to the progressives – other than being too progressive – to deserve banishment to Fox, without so much as a peep of outrage being raised by the progressive community? How about Maddow and Nader for two weeks? How about getting behind that? How about Chomsky on foreign policy? Barbara Ehrenreich, […]