Dead Left’s Four Letter Words: Rubinomics, Centrism, Neoliberalism

The Capitulation of the Left is Almost Unprecedented Bush, Kerry and Empire By ALEXANDER COCKBURN, April 16 / 18, 2004, Alexander Cockburn: Bush, Kerry and Empire (excerpt) Given Nader’s aversion to a strident stance on a straight anti-war platform, it looks as though the only decent option is Harry Browne of the Libertarians. Kucinich? As he himself […]

Obama Administration Displays Its Corporatist Right-Libertarian Bias

I suppose we can start rolling up the Dem. Party loyalists’ argument which proposes to draw a distinction between Ron Paul’s libertarianism and the Democrat(ic) leadership’s own. Paribus ceteris, R.Paul’s positions on corporatism, Trade Agreements, Wall Street/FED, and Empire’s wars offer that much more of a pronounced contrast between himself and the bipartisan corporatist cabal […]

Union Leadership Treason: The Political Issues in The Verizon Strike

  The political issues in the Verizon strike 16 August 2011, World Socialist Web Site   As the strike by 45,000 Verizon workers in the US enters its second week, the government is aggressively intervening on the side of the company to strangle the resistance of the workers to sweeping concessions demands. The refusal of the […]