Should there be a Left-Right Coalition/Alliance?

The panelists at this UNPC conference, held in Albany on July 25, 2010, included Medea Benjamin, Glen Ford, and , well, mostly “”leftist” dead-enders,” if I may say so.

Considering that this was held 3.5 years ago, it would be interesting to see whether the opinions of some of the representatives of various parochial “leftist” organizations—going for the mic.—have been beaten down enough by the New Dem, Obama,leadership’s dogged pursuits of enacting the ex-DLC’s corporatist driving ideology, to have mitigated their cloistered political positions. I would not, myself, hold my breath…

Perhaps even more interesting than the two featured vids of Kevin Zeese’ advocacy for a pro left-right-fusion-of-existential-necessity are the arguments advanced against such a strategy, which, IMO, are ripe for a discussion since they represent much of what passes for MSM and AlterMSM current opinion.

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  • wendy davis

    ach; i should have stopped by earlier. over the past couple days there have been some wild discussions about making common cause with Libertarians at ian walsh’s place. dunno how so many folks got wind of them, but ian must be shocked at all the folks who turned up (even tbogg, for goodness sake).

    many of the same old arguments, dressed up a bit more eruditely. i ballasted the hippie side, of course, but was mostly ignored. anyway, if any of you have a yen to participate:

    …is the most recent thread in which the theme grew; for certain the one before, beyond that, i don’t remember now.

  • Liberius Cato

    The Occupy movement and the Tea Party are both driven by the same impulse, the notion that the little guy is being stomped flat by large forces beyond their control, and the need to band together to resist. By and large, we’re protesting about the exact same things, but using different language to describe the problem and its origin, based on our backgrounds. The Tea Party’s Constitutional rhetoric rings true to anyone raised in a rural American household, but to the college-educated urbanites of America, it sounds jingoistic and scary. On the reverse, the Occupy Movement’s rhetoric, while striking a cord with the educated urbanites, comes across as sounding like a disorganized emotional mess to the right.

    The problem is and has always been one of communication. I run into this at work all the time, since I have to do tech support at work… We’re just like the guy who’s telling someone to boot their computer, and the other guy kicks it and says “now what?”. We’re using jargon the other side doesn’t comprehend, and that stops us from seeing that we’ve both pretty much identified the same set of problems. Our ideas for solutions may differ, but I get the feeling that what we really want also isn’t as different as it ends up sounding on paper.

    • aprescoup

      Excellent post.

      Perhaps setting up a New-Lexicon page aimed at finding/creating division crashing terminology, to which every one could contribute, could help bridging the communication gap between otherwise, on issues of significance, aligned, divided factions?

      Left wing(insult) v. Right-wing(insult,) or honest and hard working Public v. Totalitarian-wing.

      In short: divisive propaganda or division leveling truth…

      • Liberius Cato

        I’d think the best way would be to document the buzzwords that both sides use, and come up with the simplest, neutral interpretations you could. It’s more like a translation guide, from partisanese to English.