Remember who kick-started all this?

Not much attention is being devoted to HRC blatant disregard for security protocol when installing that extremely risky server in the Clintons basement.

Even though Hillary has caused this entire mess, the Bitch walks.
While people close to her meet with untimely death when they talk.

Even if it wasn’t a set up from the start — But it still could be — Things are sure being manipulated to the advantage of those treacherous Deep State Neocons and their never ending lust for war and bloodshed.

Cui Bono, look how the Russian Federations economy has continued to perform — This is what they’re really after, the neocons goal is control over Russia’s economy and privatize her state owned resources.

The problem as alway is that the present economic model is based on perpetual economic growth for the financial elite then pretend that some crumbs will drop down to the ignorant masses.

Only this does not happen in practice — The wealth gap between the financial elite and the working class has continued to increase.

The real reason for surrounding the Russian Federation and China has nothing to do with making the US a safer place — certainly not when nuclear war becomes a real possibility !!!

The main reasons is that The Russian Federation and China pose an economic threat to the greed of the Neocons and their masters.

Both nations are firmly in charge of their own economic and foreign policies, not champions of human rights or matters relating to the environment or animal welfare for that matter — That’s another matter — It’s their economies that the masters of Neocons wish to control for this is how perpetual economic growth is attempted since we live on a planet with limited resources the more resources one controls the wealthier they become.

Ultimately Perpetual economic growth isn’t possible and comes at a heavy price, So if you’re not at the negotiating table — You are on the table, the meal.


What’s needed is a new economic model.