Obama Democrats Prying Open The Trans Pacific Partnership Pandora’s Box

Everywhere, it seems, deep in denial and desperate Dem party loyalists at loss to explain away Obama’s corporate interests friendly compromises with the astroturf Tea Party—the potent Ayn Rand, and Koch Brothers’ names are invoked to detract from, and exonerate, the Dem party’s own transgressions, sins and betrayals—are drawing inter-party distinctions where few exist, and frantically pointing their fingers at the latest villains of first and last resort, the T-party Republicans.

But, let’s keep one thing front and center clear: it is not the Republican party that has abandoned it’s pro-worker “welfare liberal” legacy, since they never, ever, claimed that mantel to begin with! So these accusations are reality detached ravings of both hapless and complicit Dem tools for the 1%.

By moving across the left-right dividing line into the corporate right wing capitalist space, it is the Democrats, under Clinton, who threw the working class wholesale under the bus.

Not only have the Dems moved to the right, but holding the working-class as a captive political chip in their party fundraising efforts they became far more valuable to the corporate, Wall Street, “job creators” than their class would ever openly admit, largely out of fear of loosing their “godsent” insider advantage. So the kabuki intensified and bipartisanship, which under the pre-Clinton era was a small scale, slow moving, tight-rope sell out of wage earners, turned into full-out class-assault, and a virtual rout of the working public.

So if one takes both Obama’s pro “savvy businessmen” pronouncements, and his self identifications as a strong neoliberal “free trader,” and lines them up with his policies and priorities, the distance between Ayn Rand’s and the Koch’s aspirational visions of “self attained” entrepreneurial utopia and those promoted via Obama’s secretive NAFTA on super-steroids, TPP/TAFTA rigged trade agreement is not only erased, but Obama’s version, reflected in its leaked content, makes the others’ partisan political activities look downright pedestrian.

The TPP together with the TAFTA will span the globe on Atlas’ shoulders, and loosen on the working peeps John Galt’s bipartisan real-world political and corporate clones as our absolute and undisputed feudal masters.

After all, why de-fund and de-fang domestic regulatory agencies, one by one, and run the risk of focusing the partisan public’s (Dem voters) ire on the emasculation of regulatory agencies when Galt’Obama can make them quaint and moot by fast tracking a trade agreement(we should raise the bar and demand it be called a Treaty) which effectively nullifies the already suspect utility of power granted to federal and State regulators?! Why continue a tediously plodding, 40 year long, domestic corporate insurrection when an outright global coup will do all that, and so much more?

The current political kabuki generated stalemate in Washington is setting up the imposition of European style austerity on the American working class. Both the Dem and Rep bases are applauding their respective sides in this public spectacle, even as Kerry and Hegel are paving Obama’s (Corporate/MIC) expansive and psychocratic Asia pivot with expansions of military basing and the TPP.

The minority voices mounting a information campaign against this neoliberal/neocon (Democrat(ic) administration spearheaded) assault on America percolate from a motley, informal “alliance,” of  “radicals” from both the left-libertarians/socialists, and right-libertarians/conservatives of the politicascompas.org defined political spectrum. The MSM, so far, will have none of it. Not until the internet driven information campaign reaches a tipping point of “populist mass” will the establishment pundit class, fearing irrelevancy, dip their toes into these issues, if ever…

Some of the most vocal and un-compromised detractors of neoliberalism, on these and many other issues, come from the ranks of the Green Party. But, largely unacknowledged; due in large part to the general inanity of their members’ Fauxed understanding and definitions of terms like socialism, collectivism, Marxism, etc., many T’partiers, constitutionalists, and right-libertarians opposing the general establishment trends are also balking by courting their own future, Obama-like disappointments, in opting to stand with Rand and Cruz, against the jaded GOP insiders.

World over, all sorts of national political realignments and surprising coalitions are taking place. An recent article at WSWS.org, discussing the Austrian political elections, points out that “Nikolaus Kowall, representative of the Social Democrat youth, noted that there was an “overlap in terms of content” with the FPÖ [radical right-wing Austrian Freedom Party], and [that] it would certainly be possible to cooperate with them at the parliamentary level.”

This raises a legitimate, IMO, question about the “radical” left in the US of A. seriously considering working towards a cooperative arrangement, on points of “overlapping in terms of content” issues(of which there are many) with “radicals” on the right. In fact, because we are currently being forced to suffer a rogue and radical duopoly, delivering, after much theatrical and rhetorical hand wringing, a work product which invariably leans against the best interests of the public, and with the meme being pushed that “radicals” have no place to go outside of the folds of their respective legacy parties, I do not see where the public’s leverage is to come from. Allowing ourselves to get continuously, over the past 40 years, and consensually bitch-slapped into compliance and consent by these corporatist animals in Washington, and still to be expecting reprieve, might as well represent the definition of collective, national, insanity.

The TPP – “rigged trade” – has aptly been described as a global corporate coup. Obama hopes to have it sewn up before the end of the year. Fortunately for us the increasingly “kettled” by the neoliberal Dems, into the farthest right-corner, GOP finds its only hope of making itself relevant to their once reliable donor base of corporate interests, reduced  to blocking the gates to their wet-most dreams. Pressed upon by the very vocal, take no prisoners attitudes of their base, the GOP may yet prove itself a better bulwark against corporatism than the Stockholm syndrome stricken, corporatism applauding, partisan Dems.

While it’s true that candidate Obama never endorsed a complete about-face on U.S. trade policy — the only candidate in the Democratic primary who did so was Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), who advocated for ending the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and returning to bilateral trade — he did engage in serious critiques and indicated that he would oppose the legacy of neoliberal trade policies.

While campaigning in the key battleground state of Ohio, Obama repeatedly called for reforming NAFTA, claiming that it cost the country up to a million jobs. By the spring of 2009, Obama’s trade representative Ron Kirk openly admitted that the administration will not seek to renegotiate any part of NAFTA.- Candidate Obama Vs. President Obama On Trade

So Obama has proven himself to be a Trojan Pony for corporate and Wall street interests. The continued support for his neoliberal/neocon policies by the Dem base is incomprehensible. It will take pressure from Tea partiers on congressional Republicans and pressure on Democrats by the left to whittle down the numbers on both sides of the aisle to sub 50%. Obama’s reliance on bipartisanship in pushing through corporate give-aways under a Democrat(ic) administration will require of the public to start playing the bipartisan game at the populist level. Fighting fire with counter fire…

The two vids below lay out enough of the gory details to disabuse even the most obtuse partisans of their ill conceived conceits about the true character and motives of this master snake oil salesman for the global oligarchs.

How to go about getting Obots to jettison denial and watch them is a subject all unto itself.



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  • wendy davis

    nice to see your site’s back up, aprescoup. it was only some funny serendipity that even caused me to check one last time. ;~)

    yeah, this issue is one of the prime ones (among ten others for me), but it’s game over for the 99% both here and in the signatory nations if it gets done with any of the leaked language still intact.

    lori wallach mentioned a lot of the worst stuff, but a guaranteed US military presence, especially since the advent of Marines’ ‘seabasing’ is major.

    anyhoo, gotta scoot.

    • http://mosquitocloud.net/ aprescoup

      heya Wendy!

      It seems that the term neoliberalism which offers the political “moderate center” a shared identity (Obama and McCain interrupting their respective campaigns to lobby the Congress on bailing out Wall Street seems like an iconic moment) remains incredibly opaque in the USA.

      The symbiotic relationship between big gov. and big finance (FIRE,MIC, and big corporate everything) is a parasite feasting on democracy, liberty, freedom, etc., but mostly labor. It represents vulture capitalism in a social relationship where markets and government collude against, and feast upon labor, while the public is oblivious to this dynamic.

      FDL seems rather uninspired and docile on the kennel side, these days…

      • wendy davis

        Hey, aprecoups; re: mccranky and obomba suspending their campaigns to do the baliout cha-cha, for what it’s worth, mccranky was clueless, and using it as a dodge, as he was seriously sinking in the polls. obomba, otoh, was being advised constantly by the insiders and lords of finance, so man, did he ever earn his wall street cred during all that!

        re: neolbieralism: yes, but the dems will kill us slightly more slowly, and do it with grins and claims of ‘tina’, eh? but i am cautiously optimistic about neolberalism getting some competion to the imf and world bank, both of whose neoliberal economics have rules the world for so long now.

        the brics nations seem to be in the initial stages of creating their own development bank, and early statements say that the loans will be far more fair and come with no forced austerity resets. we’ll see, eh?

        i admit i have been enjoying some of the power shifts that have come from the us and uk’s strident and criminal reactions to the edward snowed revelations, especially among the latin nations.

        i seem to be the only one at the site at large who posts much about trade unions and labor, ironic because both mr. wd and i have been self-employed for most of our lives, lol. but one major theme is how big labor has sold out workers to corporations. there’ve been a few murmurs of discontent, but the Bigs punish the hell outta any breakaways, which may serve in the end to cause more, not less, in the same way that this administration punishing whistleblowers may create more in the end. we’ll see. it’s another make or break time for a lot of those things, methinks. or is it always that way? ;~)

        yeah, the site is very factionalized now, and rather vacant. so many have been banned, many have left in disgust or boredom. i made a little site to stash some of my posts (just in case), and as another refuge for those who can’t be at fdl now. that said, i’ve outlasted some of my major detractors, and that’s a good thing, ennit?

        but you’ve reminded me; i promised another series on the hilarity of the afl-cio’s national convention in LA last month; trumka got pwned galore! not a moment too soon, either… it’s just hard to post now when everyone wants to weigh in on the debt celing, tra la la.

        anyway, glad your sites back up, and i hope you and your family are all doing well. and stop by cafe-babylon.net any time.

        (i forget if i’m registered; no matter…i’ll post as a guest.)