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A recent statement by Rex Tillerman was alarming to say the least, specially for Venezuelans who cherish their nations sovereignty……

Tillerman, the former CEO of ExxonMobil , must remember how he was one of the 22 major multinational corporations who’s assets were nationalized.

Surely now that Tillerman has become US Secretary of State under Trump — He certainly wasted no time in announcing ”regime change” for Venezuela. — To me that’s openly suggesting a conflict of interest, and how grateful would his former employer be?


More about the recent anti Trump riots — Six Journalists Facing Riot Charges Potential of Ten Years In Prison — By Margareth Flowers & Kevin Zeese. [GR]


Why There’s a Media Blackout on the Native American Dakota Oil Pipeline Blockade [GR] 

More oil into the creek?


Mobile Avenger Missile Launcher Appears At Standing Rock

Jan 26 — A mobile missile launcher appears at Standing rock.


Wikileaks Says They Have 1,700 Emails Proving Hillary Clinton Knew about U.S. Military Weapons Shipments to Al Qaeda and ISIS 

No matter how much evidence is presented, in the end they’ll all claim to be exceptional while carrying out duties for the one exceptional nation.


Roaming Charges: Populism With an Inhuman Face

Jeffrey St.Clair

“The secret of being a top-notch con man is being able to know what the mark wants, and how to make him think he’s getting it.” – Ken Kesey [One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest]

  • fuster

    Venezuela: Girl’s Death from Diphtheria Highlights Health Crisis

    With the Venezuelan pharmaceutical association estimating that roughly 85 percent of drugs are unavailable at any given time and in light of the short supply of vaccines, doctors are bracing for further increases in illnesses like malaria, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

    Diphtheria Returns

    Venezuela controlled diphtheria in the 1990s, but it reappeared in the vast jungle state of Bolivar in mid-2016.

    At least two dozen children died last year, doctors say, and cases are now thought to have spread to a half-dozen other states.

    Shortages of basic drugs and vaccines, emigration of underpaid doctors, and crumbling infrastructure have made it easier for diseases to spread, medical associations said.

    Many poor and middle-class Venezuelans also have weakened immune systems because they are no longer able to eat three meals a day or bathe regularly due to product scarcity, reduced water supply and raging inflation.

    Government secrecy has compounded the problem.

    “The fact people don’t know (about diphtheria) helps the bacteria spread,” said Caracas-based epidemiologist Julio Castro, who has been tracking the diphtheria outbreak and who showed photos sent to him of patients with thick white membranes coating their throat.

    The unpopular leftist government of President Nicolas Maduro said in October there were no proven cases of diphtheria and admonished those seeking to spread “panic.”

    It has since informed the World Health Organization of 20 confirmed diphtheria cases and five deaths, and emphasized there is a major vaccination drive under way, but has yet to provide a full national picture of the disease’s effects amid a generalized clampdown on data.

    The Information and Health Ministries, as well as the Venezuelan Social Security Institute, which is in charge of some drug distribution and hospitals, did not respond to multiple requests for comment about Eliannys’ case and diphtheria more generally.

    The only other country in the region with a significant number of confirmed diphtheria cases last year was Haiti with 33, the WHO said in December.

  • fuster

    CPJ calls on Venezuela to stop obstructing the foreign press

    São Paulo, February 13, 2017–Two Brazilian journalists investigating a continent-wide corruption ring were detained over the weekend in Venezuela, according to press reports. Separately, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced at a rally that he wanted CNN out of the country and accused the network of spreading “fake news,” other outlets reported.

    “The international media must be able to cover issues of public interest and report on sensitive topics without fearing retaliation and persecution from Venezuelan authorities,” said Carlos Lauría, CPJ’s senior program coordinator for the Americas, from New York. “We call on the government of President Maduro to put an end to this systematic practice of obstructing news coverage and to stop interfering with the work of the press.”

  • fuster

    ” To me that’s openly suggesting a conflict of interest”

    perhaps if you could explain how being desirous of restoring democratic institutions in Venezuela is somehow a conflict of interest the claim would sound more than ignorant

  • aprescoup

    Hey Fink, what’s with Rex and Venezuela? Where did you find that blurb?

    The anti-regime change policy advanced by Trump should be held as sacrosanct by the left.

    Oooops….there is no fucking left left…

    • Southern

      That one’s from Telesur… posted on GR — Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars to Come

      Appears to me that Trump is simply going to continue with the policies of the previous two administrations.

      • aprescoup

        Apparently there are two distinct policy tacks at work(Kissinger v Brzezinski) and the third – the antiwar tack – has been drowned out by a million marching pussies…

        • Southern

          Logically the anti war front have the numbers but isn’t as powerful as the war mongers, yet this is what it’s always has been about, minority rule.

          The Puss and boots…..comedy.

          • fuster

            there’s no logical basis that shows why the “anti-war front” must have the numbers.

            • Southern

              Not to the trolls that have adopted the Neocon narrative with open arms.

              • fuster

                not to people who can both count and understand logical reasoning.

                you simply can’t

                back up your assertion with anything other than bullshit.

                when the Bush admin wanted to invade Iraq without ant good reason or necessity, the bulk of the population was against doing that….but the admin ran a campaign to drum up popular support….. and simply convinced 55% of the populace to support war…..and the Congress caved and voted for it.

                in even this blatantly unpopular and unnecessary war……where was that numerically superior “anti war front” that you pretend exists?

                unfortunately for the nation….you’re simply bullshitting about it. the people staunchly opposed to war are a small minority.

        • Southern

          Kissinger v Brzezinski, Neocons + Zionist to boot, two peas in a pot but feel free to mention the difference.

          The US has a serious intelligence problem, the world at large would be considered a better place provided US intelligence agencies were prevented from what they’re doing now, it would also help if they were not under the control of one unaccountable person.

          Trump would do well to abolish the CIA, while ”Clapper” will obviously have other ideas.

          More in The Swamp Monsters

          • aprescoup

            “Kissinger v Brzezinski, Neocons + Zionist to boot, two peas in a pot but feel free to mention the difference.”

            I believe that every Congressional, Dem and Rep, member votes in favor of the apartheid Zionist state of Israel.

            As for the difference: Kissinger falls out on Russia’s side and the Russophobe big Zbig, on PRC’s.

          • fuster

            Maduro Kicks CNN out of Venezuela for Report on School Food Shortages
            BY: SABRINA MARTÍN

            Last week, a student demanded on national television that the president improve the conditions of his school, asking for security, infrastructure and food so his classmates wouldn’t faint from hunger anymore.

            CNN en Español visited the high school and talked with the staff about the student, and whether Maduro had made any improvements since that incident only to discover he had not.

            President Nicolás Maduro has expelled CNN after accusing the international news outlet of “manipulating” information about Venezuela.

            Maduro said Sunday he wants CNN “outside” Venezuela after he claimed the news channel manipulated information about a student’s complaint regarding the lack of food at school.


            • Southern

              Expelling one of the corporate media flagships is worthy of praise.

              Just that you know Dubinsky you’re on the left side of the web.

              • fuster

                you’re on the dark side of the truth