Like It or Not: Bernie Sanders’ Congressional Voting Record.

Depending on our individual political proclivities we reserve to ourselves the right to have strong opinions regarding the respective presidential candidates’ merits or demerits. This, of course, is as it ought to be.

Out of self respect and respect for our adversaries, however, and no matter how strongly we may feel about any candidate, we should categorically eschew buttressing our opinions with propaganda as opposed to facts.

It is a sorry testament to our political culture  – and I’m speaking from the left – that our own trusted sources are not above using trumped up charges in order to discredit, and to score points, against candidates who don’t meet with our approval. We should denounce such underhanded practices and the authors who make use of them, forcefully, because distortions of truths – which we then trustingly and faithfully repeat – art part and parcel of the political sleaze in which we then become inadvertently inured.

I, for one, irrespective of my differences with Bernie, resent that.

So here is Bernie’s salient voting record, like it or not, hat tip direction of danny j who compiled it.


Bernie Sanders voted AGAINST:


Oct. 24, 2001, HR 3162

(and every expansion and reauthorization afterwards)

Nov. 20, 2003, HR 2417

July 21, 2005: HR 3199

Dec. 14, 2005: HR 3199

March 7, 2006: S 2271

May 23, 2011: S 1038

May 26, 2011: S 990

Relatedly, voted against:

* Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004

* Creation of Department of Homeland Security

July 26, 2002, HR 5005

* Invasion of Iraq (and all later bills to fund it “off the records”)

Oct. 10, 2002, H J Res 114

Iraq War Funding:

You may remember that Bush II kept Iraq War funding out of the regular “defense” budget, and so it was funded with “emergency funding” bills. Sanders voted AGAINST every single bill to fund the Iraq War, with one possible exception. In 2006, Iraq War funding may have been bundled with Hurricane Katrina relief and other necessary emergency funding which he did vote for.

* Global War on Terror

June 16, 2006, H Res 861

* No Child Left Behind

Dec. 13, 2001, HR 1

* All “Free Trade Acts”

* NAFTA, Nov. 17, 1993, HR 345

* GATT (Free Trade Act that created the WTO and World Bank).

June 22, 1993, HR 1876

*He later sponsored his first bill to withdraw from the WTO.

*July 27, 2002, HR 3009

* July 24, 2003, HR 2738, U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act

* July 24, 2003, HR 2739, U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act

*  March 2, 2005, H J Res 27,

* July 20, 2006, HR 5684, U.S.-Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementation

Additionally, Dec. 6, 2001, voted against

* HR 3005, Fast Track Trade Authority bill

* Deepwater Oil Drilling

June 29, 2006, HR 4761

* 1994 Bill Clinton’s “Tough On Crime” package

* Omnibus Crime Bill

Aug. 21, 1994, HR 3355

* Anti-Crime bill,

Feb. 14, 1995, HR 728

* 1996, Bill Clinton’s Anti-Terrorsm and Effective Death Penalty Act…

* Juvenile Crime bill,

May 8, 1997, HR 3

* Telecommunications Bill,

Feb. 1, 1996, S 652

* Both versions of Clinton’s Comprehensive Terrorism Prevention Act (Precursor to USA PATRIOT Act)

April 18, 1996, S 735

Antiterrorism bill,

March 14, 1996, HR 2703

* Bill Clinton’s Defense of Marriage Act

July 12, 1996, HR 3396

* Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform Act

July 18, 1996, HR 3734

* Bill Clinton’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

Sept. 29, 1993, H Amdt 318

It looks like he voted against more Defense Spending Bills as he voted for.

He voted FOR:

*Abortion rights and public funding availability.

* Ease of voting bills.

Nov. 14, 2001, HR 3295, Help America Vote Act of 2002


Oct. 24, 2007, S 2205

* Cesar Chavez Workplace Fairness and Lilly Ledbetter equal pay bills.

June 15, 1993, HR 5

* Habeas Corpus for Detainees of the United States (Extending Constitutional Rights to “Unlawful Enemy Combatants”)

Sept. 19, 2007, S Amdt 2022,

* Intelligence Spending Disclosure Amendment (Ending the “black budget”)

July 19, 1994, H Amdt 759

* Noncitizen Campaign Contribution Amendment

This was a response to Clinton taking cash from China, banning it

July 20, 1998, H Amdt 716


On the “down side,” he voted for:

* Iran and Libya Sanctions

July 26, 2001, HR 1954,

* Authorization for Use of Military Force 

Sept. 14, 2001, H J Res 64, 

(Invasion of Afghanistan, though he did vote against expanding the AUMF to other “theaters.”

* Aerial Bombing of Kosovo

March 11, 1999, H Con Res 42

(Again, this was after years of waring in Yugoslavia and even Chris Hedges not only supported this, but has written that the US should have even sent in ground troops, and much sooner).

* Iraq War Crimes Tribunal

Nov. 13, 1997, H Con Res 137

(NOT the sanctions)

* Authorization for Use of U.S. Armed Forces in Somalia

May 25, 1993, S J Res 45,

(An early “R2P” supported by many on the left that was billed as, and started by providing aid, but of course ended up being a military action, and a Hollywood Action Movie)

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    Thats it? 30 years of service, perhaps we deserve a rebate.