Left Progressive “Firebaggers” Measuring Ron Paul For Support?

Yesterday, a poster (freesociety) at Firedoglake posted an article referencing Glenn Greedwald’s take down of the media with regards to Ron Paul being disappeared after placing 2nd at the Iowa Ames poll. (You can also find the relevant portion from Glenn’s post here: Progressives, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert Support Ron Paul.)

The message tacked on the end of that excerpt was an appeal to consider Ron Paul as a viable candidate meriting support by the progressive-left community:

We need to help out and support Ron Paul in the GOP Primaries, because he is the only person today on the political stage that is willing to put these very serious issues (anti-War, anti-Empire, anti-NAFTA, anti-Corporatism, anti-Central-Bank-Monopoly, anti-Drug-War, anti-Torture, anti-Police-State, etc.) out on the table for public discourse.


If Barack Obama is to be challanged from “the Left” on all these serious issues, it will come only from a Ron Paul GOP Nomination (whereas a Mitt Romney, Perry, or Bachmann nomination will only push Obama further to the right).
I want to see that public debate.
I want to see the Empire (and Obama) squirm as the truth is told.
This Country will never grow-up without such a public debate.
Vote in the GOP primaries for Ron Paul!


Considering that I was banished from Firedoglake 8 months ago for posting Embrace Doubt and Consider Ron Paul, and other such diaries,  and arguing for precisely that same consideration of Ron Paul’s candidacy in the comment threads; with support being extended to me by no more than a few members, the response to “freesociety’s’ post in the comment thread was quite astounding.

Since my banishment from FDL, I have been also banished from Truthout, Truthdig, Digby’s Hullabaloo, and Common Dreams, for much the same reasons; arguing for a tactical alliance between the progressives and libertarians while linking to a plethora of posts on this site which attempted to pursue that line of thinking about our current predicament; the futility of progressive third party building efforts, and the necessity to unite as a post-political, post-partisan force with which to counter the (post-partisan, post-political) bipartisan/centrist attack on us all.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon several articles referencing the MSM’s bipartisan collusion of pundits in a similar manner to Glenzilla’s at Raw Story, here, and here, and was pleasantly surprised to see the comment threads substantially alive along the same tack which I have been doggedly pursuing at Mosquito Cloud.

Something is happening, and while I don’t know exactly what it is, it seems fresh and good. There’s work to do, which is difficult when access to the readership which one want’s to persuade and convert has been bared. But perhaps others will pick up this torch I’ve been carrying while I (and whomever would care to join and assist at MC, please do) will start working on debunking smears, putting into context incomplete quotes, and assemble arguments with which to point out the irrelevancy of many of the counter arguments which will be thrown in his direction by the loyally goose-stepping and mindlessly, derogatory bumper-sticker slogan, slapping,  lizard brained and hapless supporters of the status-quo-by-default “Progressive Left”.

Again, your involvement and participation is highly welcomed!



Another post went up at FDL, in this case praising the consistency of his foreign policy views at a meeting at The American Arab Institute in Dearborn MI. Again, a rather lively debate ensued in the comment thread.

It could prove valuable for the dailypaul members to consider joining such threads. My advice would be to simply discount discussions of issues other than those with which both sides can agree upon, and which happen to offer solutions the the current kleptocratic and warmongering neoliberal malaise, which if not stopped dead in it’s tracks, will lead this country over the cliff.

So forget allusions to racism, God and choice along the socio-cultural plane, and concentrate on:

Wars, Empire, and Foreign Policy (moral, and fiscal)

Patriot Act (that and war is how a lefty should really be defending Bradley Manning—getting arrested protesting is a theatrical cop out)

Neoliberal job killing and wage depressing Trade “Agreements” (Deals)

Wall Street Banksters

Argue the validity of not raising the debt ceiling, in terms of loss of sovereignty to the financial banking sector. But stay away from the gold standard, although auditing the FED is fine.

Perhaps promoting independent State Banks structures like the Bank of North Dakota, along with Vermont’s single payer healthcare legislation, could be used in some arguments regarding States rights, (the pro and cons), but ultimately, our foreign entanglements and the President’s power as the Commander in Chief to shut the slaughterhouse down, is a damnably powerful argument. And NAFTA shit in terms of being pro-American worker beyond what even the Union’s status quo veal pen leadership on the left is demanding, should also become prime and center.

We must (I’m a libertarian socialist) find a way to unite into a true wage earner and populist revolutionary force, lest the fascists in power turn us against one another, and instead of a positive revolution, we will find ourselves in some insane neofeudal civil war. It would suit our overlords fine if such chaos was the outcome—the MOTU thrive on chaos.

  • guest

    Have you seen this blog: http://progressivesforronpaul.blogspot.com/

    • http://mosquitocloud.net/ mc.murphy

      Thanks, I’ll check it out.

  • RMHill

    Yes, the national discourse would certainly shift if Ron Paul were to actual garner the GOP nomination. The debates alone would educate many… and indeed, they would make Obama squirm in a way that debates with any of the other possible GOP opponents would not. He would squirm because the very areas where he miserably fails the progressive agenda, are the very areas where any other GOP contender would behave exactly the same. There would be no examination because there would be little or no difference between them.
    But there is another side effect to strong primary support for Paul from independents and progressives – and it may be far more long lasting even if it fails to push him into the nomination. The stronger Paul’s showing becomes, the more and more the neo-cons lose their strangle hold over the Republican establishment. I believe that if he were to actual receive the nomination, neo-conservatism as a political philosophy – a philosophy that has steered policies for decades, especially in foreign policy – would become nearly irrelevant to national politics. In other words, in supporting a Ron Paul primary candidacy, progressives would be altering the GOP and helping Libertarians unseat their common enemy within the GOP establishment.    

    • http://mosquitocloud.net/ mc.murphy

      Hell yes. His GOP nomination would deeply wound the neocons (centrists), and his Presidency would lead to the drowning of neoliberal/neocon primacy in its proper receptacle: the spittoon.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KWR3UAFHYEJET2U2G37S4FLYBY Tim O

    Freedom is popular!!!!  Ron Paul is the champion of freedom.  He has worked for over 30 years on spreading the message of individual liberty in a system so quagmired in corporate government corruption that has sucked both so called leftists and righties dry  When we are forced to conform our ideals to a party line, we stifle freedom.  I agree, we need to unite on what we have in common, because we are not gettting anywhere good with the people they throw at us from either side of the false left right paradigm.  Ron Paul appeals accross party lines because he believes in freedom.  Unfortunately, he has been forced to join one of the two parties in the two party system in order to get anywhere.  Ron Paul 2012!!!!!   If we don’t hang together,we will surely hang seperately.  Thanks for the read.

    • http://mosquitocloud.net/ mc.murphy

      You’re not kidding, there, with your B.Franklin paraphrase. The difficulty is with framing this proposition in both an existential manner, and one which leaves the left room to feel purposeful and accomplished.

      The arguments which need to be first smithed and then unsheathed should be supported from left leaning sources. NAFTA style trade agreements, which the administration continues pushing for in Columbia, Panama, South Korea, and TAA, find criticism in Ha-Joon Chang’s “23 things….” The argument for jobs (the business the Unions have totally failed their members on), are right there.

      The left’s anti-war activists like Medea Benjamin should be urged to join Justin Raymondo in coming together to penn some articles urging a new left/right unity, now. 

      Kucinich, on the left, having been gerrymandered out of his district, should be urged to pick up his bullhorn now—getting him to that now would go a long way towards getting some rise from the left.

      We have 5 months to work on this, and if we fail “…we surely will hang separately”

  • http://twitter.com/mrtruli its_haze

    Here you have an hour and 20min long deep discussion with Paul about his philosophy of principles and his platform and I highly suggest you watch it before you make up your mind about this brilliant man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJr7TEINZ10

    • http://mosquitocloud.net/ mc.murphy

      Thanks, i_h,

      I’ll try to juxtapose this with something similar from the golden fork-tongued Obama, when I find such. Contrasts can be rather convincing and useful.

  • RMHill

    A note added – from an honest Libertarian who respects Progressives. Please help us in this Primary season. If Obama sees the light (that is, HONESTLY sees the light) during the general election, you can always vote for his ticket later. But in the primary, voting for Ron Paul would help stick a fork in the neo-con goose(steppers).
    I would do the same for you if there were no real choice in the GOP (as in, no Ron Paul) but someone like a real Progressive where challenging Obama.

    • http://mosquitocloud.net/ mc.murphy

      I think that libertarians left, or right, tend to be, in general a little bit more open minded, and a bit more honest about their politics.

      It’s, paramount that we all help get RP over the GOP nomination barrier. For the left it means registering with a Party they have been conditioned to hold in great disdain—in itself a higher bar. 

      There are, however, two powerful arguments: one can always abstain from voting for RP in the general (as you note), while in the meantime we are fucking with the political pundit’s plastic fantastic world view (in itself a spectacle worth the price of admission), and the fact that the Commander in Chief needs no one’s permission to end the wars, and change the course of our very racist, very costly, very arrogant foreign policy. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I agree with outsidevoice. The herd may have caught your tailcoat and trammeled you a bit but they don’t see the steamroller behind themselves.

  • outsidevoice

    You are right. You were right . Keep talking. You are just ahead of the herd.