Japanese Resist US Military Bases In Okinawa

By Ayano Ginoza, Michiko Hase and Gwyn Kirk, www.fpif.org
November 3rd, 2014 ( reposted from Popular Resistance)(Photo: Ojo de Cineasta / Flickr)

Despite intense crackdowns, activists on the Japanese island of Okinawa continue to resist the construction of new U.S. military bases.
They come in kayaks and canoes to protect the bay, maintain a tent city on the beach, and hold candlelight vigils. From posters to marches, songs, and a petition expressing international solidarity, Okinawan residents have left no question about their fierce opposition to construction of a new military base for the U.S. Marines on their island.

Overriding these emphatic voices, the Japanese and United States governments have begun work on a new facility at the Nago City site of Henoko—initiating offshore drilling, tearing down buildings, and bringing in construction supplies.

The building of this base has broad ramifications: it will destroy local marine life, pollute natural resources, and put residents in danger. Even more disturbingly, it reflects the long-term violation of Okinawans’ democratic rights—namely, their ability to set the policies that affect their lives. And more globally, it signifies Japan’s slippery slope toward further militarization, and solidifies Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s support of U.S. military activity in Asia.

Nonetheless, despite intense crackdowns to suppress resistance, Okinawan activists remain determined to continue their opposition to this base.

“Reducing the Burden”

It all began with a violent incident: In 1995, three U.S. servicemen abducted and raped a 12-year-old Okinawan girl. This episode rekindled a fierce opposition movement among Okinawans who had long objected to U.S. bases in their midst.

Facing an angry and mobilized population, in 1996 the United States and Japan set up theSpecial Action Committee on Okinawa (SACO), ostensibly to “reduce the burden on the people of Okinawa and thereby strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance.” Under SACO, 20 percent of military-occupied land was to be returned to Okinawan control. This included the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station in the city of Ginowan.

But there was a catch: the air station would need to be relocated to a fortified and multi-functional “sea-based facility.” Despite intense Okinawan opposition to the creation of a new base, the two governments agreed to build the Futenma Replacement Facility in the Camp Schwab area at Henoko, near Oura and Henoko Bays. Chosen in 2006, the location was confirmed in 2010.

For nearly two decades, Okinawan activists have impeded the construction of the replacement base in Henoko. In 2004 and 2005, for example, residents taking to the sea in fishing boats and kayaks disrupted offshore test drilling for many months. Meanwhile, a sit-in on Henoko beach, initiated by elders who had survived the terrible Battle of Okinawa by taking refuge there, marked its tenth year in April 2014.

Lately, however, events have been moving in the other direction. In December 2013, the governor of Okinawa accepted a package of subsidies from the Japanese government andgave the go-ahead for offshore landfill work in preparation for construction.

Residents responded at the ballot box. In January 2014, the citizens of Nago City re-elected the incumbent mayor, Susumu Inamine, who had run on an anti-base platform and won against a candidate heavily backed by the Japanese government. Inamine has vowed to resist construction by all means within his power and has refused permission for Nago City property to be used for construction purposes.

However, the project is advancing over all objections. On July 1, the Okinawa Defense Bureau started demolishing buildings at Camp Schwab. Okinawans responded by organizing a day-and-night blockade outside the base. Nonetheless, at dawn on July 20, the government brought construction materials into Camp Schwab in 30 trailers. On July 27, more than 2,000 people, including business leaders and elected officials, gathered to form an all-Okinawa body to prevent the construction. Ignoring public opinion, the Defense Bureau began offshore drilling on August 18.

Meanwhile, authorities have been combating the protesters. Police arrest demonstrators, while Japan’s coast guard harasses those trying to impede offshore drilling from the sea.To prevent a replay of the successful protest against offshore drilling 10 years ago, the Abe cabinet expanded the restricted area for fishing from 50 meters to 2 kilometers offshore, and has tightened security for Henoko, despite opposition from Mayor Inamine and the Nago City Council.

The blatant disregard for popular will has only strengthened the anti-base activists’ determination. On September 20, 5,500 people gathered in protest, and they continue to mobilize despite government attempts to crush them.

A History of Repression

For the Okinawan people to have their rights trampled upon is nothing new.

The story goes back at least to the 1870s, when Japan overrode China’s objections and annexed the independent Ryukyu kingdom, which it re-named Okinawa. The Japanese government banned the Okinawan language, curtailed indigenous religious practice, suppressed local cultural activities, and enforced education in Japanese language and customs. Okinawans who migrated to the mainland were often met with prejudice and discrimination in jobs and housing, while restaurants displayed signs saying, “No Okinawans Welcome.”

During World War II the Japanese government conscripted Okinawans into the Imperial army.As the war reached a crescendo in the spring of 1945, Allied powers waged a three-month-long battle in Okinawa. In order to protect its major population centers, Japan localized the violence in Okinawa, thereby sacrificing it to spare the mainland. As much as a third of the population died in the Battle of Okinawa, often described as a “Typhoon of Steel.” Some perished in the fighting, while others succumbed to Japanese soldiers’ orders to commit suicide rather than submit to Allied forces. Survivors took shelter in caves and gravesites, barely subsisting on wild plants. The fighting pulverized much of the main island into rubble and left residents with indelible memories of the brutality of war. These experiences underlie Okinawa’s strong peace movement to this day.

After Emperor Hirohito’s surrender on August 15, Allied forces occupied Japan. The United States created the post-war Japanese constitution, enacted in 1947, and continued to occupy the country until 1952, when the San Francisco Peace Treaty signed the previous year went into force. In signing the Peace Treaty, Japan sacrificed Okinawa once again by agreeing to leave it under direct U.S. military rule. While Japan’s new constitution declared popular sovereignty, guaranteed basic human and civil rights, and embraced pacifism as a national credo, Okinawa was excluded and forced to serve as a U.S. military outpost. Under a 1953 law that permitted land acquisition without signed leases, the U.S. military forcibly expropriated land from Okinawan residents for military bases by expelling those resisting eviction at bayonet point and destroying their homes with bulldozers.

During U.S. military rule, Okinawans sought to return their island to Japanese sovereignty, hoping that under the democratic and pacifist constitution they would enjoy constitutionally guaranteed rights, and that the heavy burden of U.S. military bases would be reduced. However, their hopes were dashed when Okinawa’s reversion to Japan in 1972 was conditioned on maintaining U.S. forces there.

Contrary to the people’s wishes for a peaceful Okinawa, the Japanese state—aided by widespread popular indifference to “the Okinawa problem”—has continued to impose a disproportionately heavy burden on the island. Around three-quarters of all U.S. military facilities in Japan are in Okinawa, which comprises just 0.6 percent of Japan’s total land area. As Japan’s poorest prefecture, Okinawa is used for U.S. military training and served as a launching pad in the wars against Vietnam and Iraq.

To this day, the United States—rather than Okinawans or even the Japanese government—makes the decisions about military bases. In an interview on July 29, Nago Mayor Susumu Inamine summarized the situation in this way: “The core problem is that the Japanese government doesn’t have a say when it comes to operations of U.S. bases. … Under the agreement with the U.S., Japan is obligated to provide sites for U.S. bases.” He adds, “There is no fundamental discussion of why we need a replacement facility in Henoko. … The argument is always: ‘We may need the U.S. bases in time of war.’”

Yet even when the Japanese government does have some leeway to curb the bases’ negative impact, it doesn’t exercise it. According to Keiko Itokazu, a member of the Japanese Diet elected from Okinawa and co-chair of Okinawa Women Act Against Military Violence, “The government does not pressure the U.S. to clean up hazardous chemicals polluting the land. … Okinawan voices are consistently suppressed as if we are not part of the nation.”

The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Remilitarization

The new base has implications far beyond its impact on local residents—it facilitates U.S. military activity throughout the Asia-Pacific region and enables the further militarization of Japan.

Although the 1947 constitution prohibits Japan from engaging in acts of war, the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, signed at the same time as the peace treaty, stipulates that Japan must allow the United States to maintain military bases there. After China’s communist revolution in 1949, the two governments united against communism and were particularly intent on countering “Communist China.” Japan took a first step toward rearmament as early as 1950 by creating, at U.S. behest, an armed force called the National Police Reserve, later reorganized as the Self-Defense Force (SDF) in 1954.

Since then Japan has gradually twisted and distorted Article 9, the non-military clause in its constitution, often in support of the United States. It has expanded the SDF’s role outside Japan, starting with minesweeping in the Persian Gulf in 1991. In 2004, Japan sent 9,600 SDF personnel to Iraq on support missions. In 2009, SDF vessels were dispatched to police pirate activity off the coast of Somalia, and the SDF’s first overseas base was established in Djibouti in 2010. The SDF has been deployed in 13 peacekeeping operations, starting in Cambodia in 1992 and currently in South Sudan.

On July 1, 2014—disregarding public opinion and sidestepping the procedure for constitutional amendments—Prime Minister Abe’s Cabinet adopted a resolution, supported by the United States, approving the latest reinterpretation of Article 9. This allows Japan to exercise the right to “collective self-defense” and to aid a friendly country under attack. Although there were divisions in the Cabinet over what military actions would be permitted, and though a majority of Japanese people opposed it, this constitutional revision signaled a marked departure from Japan’s past reluctance to send troops abroad on combat missions. Now, the SDF is legally permitted to engage in combat overseas alongside U.S. forces.

In practice, combined military training is already occurring, as the U.S. military and the SDF conducted joint exercises in the United States in 2013 and 2014, and the SDF participated in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) in Hawai’i earlier this year.

Amid it all, Okinawan protestors have used every possible means to express their opposition to the increasing militarization of their islands.

Back in 1997, a majority of Nago City voters opposed the new base in a non-binding referendum; apoll conducted in August 2014 showed that 80.2 percent of respondents are against the construction. Over the years, citizens have tried to elect anti-base candidates at city, prefectural, and national levels. They have also turned to the legal system: U.S. and Japanese environmental organizations brought a lawsuit in the United States, where a court ruled that the Henoko construction plan violated the National Historic Preservation Act by not protecting a Japanese “national monument”—in this case, the endangered Okinawan dugong manatee and its marine habitat—but both the U.S. and Japanese governments have ignored the ruling.

Recently, environmental groups returned to court to continue their attempts to stop the construction on environmental grounds. Meanwhile, Okinawan activists have sustained a prolonged and creative campaign of direct action through sit-ins, flotillas, and marches. A recent slogan sums up their approach: “We will win if we never give up.”

Seeking Genuine Security

Rather than an alliance between the United States and Japan based on militarism, we call for an alliance that will foster genuine security among all our communities. This includes making apologies and appropriate reparations for atrocities committed during the Second World War. The United States has yet to apologize or provide compensation for the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki that caused instantaneous devastation of those cities. Meanwhile, the Japanese government has not made amends for the brutal terror that their troops committed during the Battle of Okinawa. Genuine security requires respecting the will of the Okinawan people and stopping construction at Henoko, as well as reducing the militarization of the Asia-Pacific region by—among other things—enacting a moratorium on all new bases.

The Okinawan people’s struggle is at a critical juncture. U.S. citizens can help by contacting members of Congress to impress upon them that a new Marine base at Henoko is unacceptable, and that construction must be stopped. People of other nations are urged to contact the nearest Japanese embassy to show solidarity with Okinawans against the construction plan. Okinawan activists also request that messages of support be sent tonohenokotakae@gmail.com.

As Diet member Itokazu said, recalling the Battle of Okinawa and the people’s enormous suffering, “Life is a treasure. We are against war. We do not want to lose our precious lives by getting involved in war.” It’s time for the international community to join Okinawan citizens in mobilizing toward that end.

This article was reposted from Popular Resistance and does not include the many hyperlinks, in order to see these please search the link below.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    AS you heard of, the Henoko Construction is so far stopped by a mediation of the court, but it’s not easy to take it a whole settlement as Abe keeps saying “moving to Henoko is an only measure” still now.
    Also Abe seems to make an excuse to Admiral Harris as “it will take little more time unless you get the new bigger base in Henoko”.

    However, I appreciate for the help of few American people those with a good will, especially the people in Berkley and Cambridge, and the veterans those came all the way to Henoko from USA.
    We need more help, please stay watching out, giving Okinawans help.

    Unfortunately, bad thing happened lately again.
    US sailor r aped a Japanese woman who was traveling to Okinawa.
    She was sleeping outside of her room as she lost the key, then some rogue US troop took her into his room, r aped her.
    I doubt how far this crime is reported in USA.

    We CAN’T keep getting r aped by a troop that your country is sending to Japan.
    WE HAVE THE RIGHT of not being r aped.
    But US troops don’t stop raping Japanese women, I don’t know why.
    This is your fault, you American citizens have to make it stopped.
    US force in Japan has to leave once and for all as long as they can’t stop r aping us whatsoever.
    American people, make things right, this is what you need to do FIRST than ANYTHING ELSE.
    Get them pull up.
    Get all those rogues called back to your own country, don’t let them sent to Japan.
    As long as you can’t keep them not committing a crime for late 70 years, you should make them retrieved.
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d86dd9725b4a55ff404447b195b2ca957b8f14684c21a2e3cd3d451980001241.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fadca452a5318fee5fb30ad1869f840637138923cdfc4037b87044b475750b43.jpg

    • Southern

      Hey Michiko thanks for the update.

      Japanese politicians might be under a ”oath of office”.

      Has it occurred to anyone that they could be breaking that oath by disrespecting the wishes of the locals but by catering to the interest of outsiders?

      If that appears to be the case, perhaps they could be held accountable for breaking it (^^,)

      • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

        Current aspect in Japan might be, beyond your imagination.
        However, Shinzo Abe is up above than any kind of law now.
        Because we electorate are mostly indifferent until some bomb has dropped near the house, or until someone close has died of war.
        Certain people those not so indifferent are well understanding that all he does is out of an order of Washington, so there’s no way to get against it, as it’s just waste of time.
        We are colony people.
        I suppose you have no idea how it is like to live in a colony.
        How it is like to be occupied by foreign force forever.
        Mankind is a species that learns, that is always accustomed, to any kind of injustice.
        Like black people back then were accustomed to live as animal.

        When they could have, why not we Japanese?

        • Wulfy Chen

          This post doesn’t quite make sense. What is it you’re trying to say?

          • Wuffenstraat

            We deny supporting Shinzo Abe’s administration.

        • Southern

          Pretty much the entire world is being re-colonized, government are being made accountable to the financial elite via free trade agreement that include ISDS provisions.

          There have to be other ”agreements” so that creditors will be able to protect their investment, by military force if needed, the vast array of US military bases around the world only confirms that.

          In a pattern that appears to be repeating itself, heads of state are carrying out all kinds of unpleasant changes in the name of national security while at the same time they’ve become completely unaccountable for the consequences.

          Acting like they’re exceptional and above the law, accountable to the policies introduced by the Neocons.

          The Neocons ambitions is full control over the world, they do not tolerate any nation with independent policies, they’re like a malignant cancer spreading itself all over the world.

          Gininitaly passed this cartoon along – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfGMYdalClU

          You might appreciate this article The Real Likelihood of a Nuclear War — Paul Craig Roberts

          • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko
            • Southern

              Popular Resistance posted an update on the sad state of affairs in Japan.

              As always, it’s not people that start wars, politicians do on behalf on some outside entity which ultimately creates a conflict of interest – Thousands Protest As Japanese Gov Ushers In New Age Of Militarism

              [T]he only purpose of the controversial laws are to ride the coattails of Uncle Sam’s “pivot to Asia” strategy and pave the way for Japan to further meddle in regional affairs—not only territorial disputes with its neighbors, but also issues for which Japan is not a stakeholder—with the United States, in a saber-rattling way.

              Along with Abe’s value-oriented diplomacy, the security legislation increasingly empowered Japan to promote weapons assistance and defense technology transfer to regional countries close with Japan and the United States, risking loss of regional geopolitical balance through triggering an arms race.

              By doing so, Abe’s elaborate ruse to contribute to regional peace and stability has been exposed and once again unmasked Japan as a trouble maker and a pawn of the United States in interfering in Asia-Pacific region affairs. [Popular Resistance]

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Oh thanks for letting me know :)
                BTW, as you mentioned before, about the activity of state owned posters, lately I found something funny about those shills hanging around English fora.
                Certain posters, those not posting by a free will, are definitely using a censored PC, most likely restricted not to open any redundant page but for the pages they are allowed to be concerned with.
                Not all of them but certain of them.
                That’s why those don’t tend to make a “research” about me at all, while eager in kicking me out THAT MUCH, why never access to my personal page on Ameba lol, or never agree with having an interaction outside of Disqus, even making a lie sometimes, very funny.
                I was long time wondering about it, but I reached the conclusion now, they CAN’T change the table because their PCs don’t make them do it no matter what.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Southern, it’s URGENT again.
                US BASE CAPTURED a famous Okinawan novelist for protest against it.
                Please help, please spread it, anyone who can should make contact to Jon Mitchell below, he can tell more.
                Please send something to US embassy in Japan or your government or your Congress.

              • Southern

                Have you contacted Amnesty international yet ?


              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Is it going to work?
                Amnesty is, I think, also under control of USA, as letting US force and Abe admin free in abusing Okinawans for these long time.
                They must know what kind of injustice has been going on in Okinawa for late 70 years for sure.
                Anyways, a task contacting Amnesty would be what Onaga Gov should handle.
                I do what I can do at my best, spreading, letting American people know, so to make them feel some guilty at least.
                They should understand that there’s no reason for their military to be welcomed in my country at all.

              • Southern

                I don’t know if it will work, just that it could lead to creating greater awareness.

                The US Neocons geo-political spiel, everything not currently under their control will be regarded as a threat, I know it’s stupid but thats how the Neocons operate.

                No nation is allowed to have an independent economic or foreign policy, if they do the Neocons will immediately pretend that constitutes a threat to national security.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Exactly, whole described what is going on back door as it is.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Southern, I paste his photo here, only American people maintain the power to force the right thing to their government, so to correct its wrong doing, so to make US force release him ASAP.
                We can’t force anything to US force, only American electorate can.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Southern, can you paste his photo on Popular Resistance?
                As they started censoring my post so mine is not accepted, all pending now but for the first one, even without any letters.

              • Southern

                If your comment does then so will mine, all comments with attachments will trigger auto moderation.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Okay I just thought I should not ask, sorry.
                He seems to be not released yet.
                Japanese media is broadcasting like “an awarded novelist man has been arrested for attempting intrusion”.
                What, all of the Okinawan soil and sea are the features that BELONG TO OKINAWANS.
                No Okinawan should be condemned for “INTRUSION” to his/her OWN SEA.
                This is crazy.

                Addition, what kind of a crazy thief that USA would be, self-invited, squatting in forever, and STARTED SAYING “YOU ARE AN INTRUDER” to the LOCAL PEOPLE.
                USA is PURE EVIL, which should be destroyed from root and branch when all the other people in the world prefer to have a life like what a human being can generally have.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                I have nothing personal to you, rather have respect to you, but you might be dragged in when USA is really destroyed, so you or other sane people should make things right on your own hands, before getting destroyed by all the people in the world those TRULY MAD AT your country.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                It always makes me wonder, why would average American people NEVER notice that THEIR ORDINARY LIVES are stood upon numerous tears and blood of foreign people?
                That’s the source of the problem.
                While no one should live happier or easier by a sacrifice of the others for granted in the first place.
                Your country has too much reasons to be hated, so the terrorists had come all the way from middle east.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Now I found some news to tell him released, around 7:15PM.
                Thank you for your concern, and that of other people whoever worried about him.
                I’ll make a noise again as I believe making noises around American electorate is an only measure viable, to let your government know that it can’t do things in my country as it sees fit anymore.
                What your government is afraid of most is the electorate first, nextly reputation of other anglo countries.
                Making noises inside my country is never going to work as your government doesn’t care about “Monkeys making noises” at all.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Southern, I need to tell you a bad news.
                Today, a missing Okinawan girl was found dead just as a confession of a US personnel in Okinawa.
                US base in Japan should be shut down ASAP.
                We need to live safe, WITHOUT a LIFE THREAT.
                Can you make Sanders to be your President?
                Do you think you can make him do the right thing?

              • Southernfink

                Do you have a media report about this latest incident?

                Sanders might have been if had ran as independent, he didn’t he decided to become a Democrat instead.

                For the sake of Okinawa — the policies of Jill Stein are far better suited since the US Greens is the only party that’s advocating to close US bases overseas.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko
              • Southernfink

                A lot of people like Sanders and he sure is a lot better than HRC — a petition is out to try get Sanders to become an independent ”again” something he said he would never do.

                Sanders supports US imperialism, the drone wars, forced regime change in Kiev and the NATO expansion eastward.

                Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?

                In contrast, look at Jill Stein Power to the People Plan

                f.e. on – Peace and Human Rights:

                Establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End the wars and drone attacks, cut military spending by at least 50% and close the 700+ foreign military bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire. Stop U.S. support and arms sales to human rights abusers, and lead on global nuclear disarmament.

                Jill’s plan is far better but the US Greens do not have broad public support, the DuoPoly system does not permit any outsiders to challenge the existing status quo.

                Thanks for the link.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                That’s shocking.
                I counted on Sanders.
                However, I don’t care whoever it is if only the next President is someone who shuts down all the US base in Japan.
                I don’t even care if he/she is not so good to you American citizens, or to European people.
                Because we are being killed by US force stationing.
                Sanders or Trump, they are good to me when they are to shut down the base, that is all.
                Sorry but we are the people exposed to danger of your force.
                And you say you can do nothing to stop your force killing us.
                What should I do for not hating you Americans in general, I don’t know if there’s such a way.
                Sorry Southern, but we need to be saved, do something, you are the ones who can do that.
                I don’t know why she should have been killed.
                I don’t think she should.
                How do you think.
                You think she should have been killed?
                Is there any way for us to protect ourselves so not to be killed by US force?
                https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7c328ab6c5571b31d958e570efb09d0c3d52e3835bc48f8e638d1bd7b5ba96b3.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/45ad7477520d28b353a4140566c7e47317cf64b50f92f3a945c8f50c293b518c.jpg

              • Southernfink

                The trouble starts with the US who isn’t really in charge of her own sovereignty — the oligarchs have control over that — US foreign policy is designed around the pursuit of perpetual economic growth for her masters the transnational investment class.

                This perpetual economic growth simply isn’t possible on a planet with limited resources which is why they’ve come up ways to control government via Free Trade Agreements.

                Nations are hopelessly losing their sovereignty because they have become member of ISDS including free trade agreements.

                The US is acting like a gun for hire for the financial elite.

                The US is acting like a big powerful corporation taking over smaller and weaker corporations in order to show an increase in turnover that will ultimately satisfy their shareholders who might otherwise dump their shares in search of better performing stock.

                So the economic system is wrong since it rewards greed regardless of the harm created in the process.

                In that same aspect the real trouble is the bent political system operating in the US and that’s wreaking havoc around the world against an unspecified enemy.

                The NeoCons and their masters have a lot to answer for, the expansion of the military base has nothing to do with protecting Japan/Okinawa as much as it’s a forward strategic location to threaten China which relates back to the US trying to control shipping lanes in the South China Sea, an area thousand of miles outside US territorial waters.


                I’m no legal expert — The only way that the US will vacate the base on Okinawa is when they’re simply ordered to by either the US or by the Japanese government.

                If the Japanese government is going to do the ordering it will need to be in full control of her own sovereignty, for that to happen Japan will need to become fully independent of Washington, which will have consequences since the NeoCons look towards any nation thats independent as a threat, yes they’re crazy, everything that is not currently under the control of them will be viewed as an opportunity.

                People from around the world will need to join forces and become louder but also stronger, like a swarm of mosquito’s at night or the sharp stings of a sandfly during a hot summers day.

                A lot of people are scared to protest since the consequences of staging extended protest would also mean that they will miss opportunities to earn income, eventually this will have the effect that they risk losing the roof over their head which would initiate a whole series of events

                I once thought about this and came up with the idea that if the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet have as much wealth as the the top 1% combined then in theory the poorest 3.5 billion people need to ”pool their resources” and simply buy out the 1 %.

                But that only makes the 1 % even wealthier, a more practical alternative is to simply tax the uber rich, nationalize their assets just like they’ve been able to become exceedingly rich from privatizing state owned assets.


                What can Okinawans do — you understand that there might be a limit to what one may suggest on a public forum?

                Consider suing the Japanese government for failing to protect Okinawan heritage and culture, perhaps it can be related back to failing their political oath, that’s my latest thing, politicians failing to honor political oaths while catering to the wishes of outsiders.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                Yes I’m not accusing you of our misery in person.

                Our government starting ordering US force to leave is never going to happen.
                As we have CIA agents to be our political leaders for sure.
                My country is a genuine colony, militarily occupied for late 71 years.
                People are sickened of Stockholm syndrome deeply, as 70 years is enough to do so.
                Like Taiwan was enough sickened for 50 years.

                What I can do is to agitate US citizens.
                They should know they are HATED by the people in a US colony, which they call “Japan”, for what their government is doing on us.
                They should at least KNOW that they are NOT FAVORED.
                That is an only way I can take.

                However thanks for letting me informed of Sanders, but I’ll keep having hope for him and Trump.
                No Clinton.

              • Southernfink

                Anyone but Clinton.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                He’s running his web page in here. Many photos there.

    • Wulfy Chen

      • Wuffenstraat

        We will ensure all American soldiers will assume Japanese identity when it is necessary to do so.

      • Maelstrom_19

        “The Naha district public prosecutors office on the island charged Justin Castellanos, 24, stationed at the US Marine Corps Camp Schwab base on the island, with the alleged crime, Jiji Press and other media reported.”

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/  Michiko

    A rally against US base in Okinawa was held today.

    • Southern

      Hey Michiko, any good new to share ?

      Is it true what I read about the governor halting work on the US base (^^,)

      Has work been really been halted ?


      • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/  Michiko

        It is conflicted between Onaga and Abe+Suga.
        Suga is very very hostile to Onaga, outrageous.
        Onaga is going to visit USA so to make it more viable, I hope he can get attention in USA more.

      • Teishinni

        Southern, bad news.
        Michiko’s account has met with account deletion, and its posts in recent one month are all deleted, also it is going to be totally gone in the next 20 or so hours.
        So your comments posted on Ameba are all gone too, sorry.

        • Southern

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          I’ll look into it.

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        • Wuffenstraat

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      • Wuffenstraat

        US does not want Japan to halt the work in Okinawa. When it comes to the time for war, Japan will be charging to the front. US of course will supply weapons.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑬Ryukyu history for foreigners(final)

    Tragedy of Ryukyu Kingdom came along in the age of 7th king of the second Sho dynasty Shonei-oh.
    Shimazu family, who had aspiration to Ryukyu from the age of Hideyoshi, gave an order to Ryukyu to accommodate to Hideyoshi’s oversea aggression to Korean peninsula, that was aiming to reach out Middle Kingdom(Ming-China), by providing food but troops.
    Ryukyu Kingdom was independent as one of the tributary states of Ming-China back then, not part of Shimazu family, meanwhile Shimazu alleged that Ryukyu is their subordinate country, gradually made the cut in letting Hideyoshi approve it.
    But that was only an intention regarding mainland people, just for their own idea.
    Thus there was no need to provide food responding to Hideyoshi’s oversea warfare.
    Also it is ridiculous in the first place that Ryukyu would cooperate Hideyoshi’s aggression plan heading for China, while Ryukyu was her tributary state.
    Despite the circumstance, somehow the king agreed with Shimazu in providing rice, while the reason is just not certain.
    Which gave Shimazu a pretext to claim Ryukyu Kingdom to be their subordinate state.
    Later, there came a problem around drifted Ryukyu people, with a greeting ambassador for their rescue.
    After Hideyohi passed away, 2 years later from Sekigahara Battle, a Ryukyu ship was drifted to Mutsu Japan, then Ieyasu gave an order to get them send to Osaka, move to Satsuma, for sending them back to Ryukyu, by Shimazu’s service.
    That was meant to make Ryukyu send a greeting ambassador to appear their gratitude.
    Because Ieyasu always sought for trade business with Ming-China, without becoming a vassal of Ming Emperor, just by making Ryukyu Kingdom to be a dummy state, obtaining profit of the business.
    But Ryukyu Kingdom sent back no envoy to Japan.
    Assumedly, something regarding ritual manner, while providing food to Shimazu, as Ryukyu king was a vassal of Ming Emperor, not one of Ieyasu.
    Shimazu family in Satsuma, who were slighted after the Sekigahara battle, had an aspiration to get Ryukyu under their control, and which was also matched to an aim of Ieyasu who was hoping for trade business with Ming.
    Ieyasu got an idea to achieve his interest by sending back POW from Ming, 茅国科 who was detained in Japan since captured on Hideyoshi’s aggression to the peninsula, so Ieyasu appointed some merchant to be an envoy of the mission.
    The mission in handing the POW over Ming was well done, as later Ming sent ships with treasure to Satsuma in response to the condition of POW returning.
    But just the ships were attacked by pirates out of the blue, all the treasure was taken away, while whole the personnel on the ships were killed.
    In response to it, Ming didn’t send another vessel for the ships that were robbed.
    The perpetrator was found out to be some merchant in Sakai, and captured later, executed, just Shimazu had been suspecting whether it is something to do with Ryukyu.
    Finally, in 1609, Shimazu in Satsuma got an order of Ieyasu to seize into Oshima.
    Composed of 1500 troops later increased to 3000, 734 rifles, on the other hand, no rifle or firearm in Ryukyu, but for two fixed artilleries in Naha meant to be a defense against pirates, basically bare hands or arrows they had.
    Shimazu force seized into Amamiooshima first, occupied with no blood.
    Next they headed for Tokunoshima, where Ohseito who was a groom of a daughter of Shanauekata, leading 300 troops to fight against.
    Shanauekata was one of Sanshikan(3 weighty ministers) in those days Ryukyu.
    Ohseito presented guerrilla fights by dragging enemies into a jungle, throwing rocks, but 4 days later he was captured and the island was occupied.
    Next Shimazu went to Okinoerabujima, they surrendered with no fight.
    Shimazu finally headed for mainland Okinawa, landed from a northern port Untenko not from Naha where there were firearms.
    There was Shokokushi who was one of royal members, on Nakijin-castle leading 500 troops, fought against Satsuma but got defeated to a fierce attack of Shimazu force.
    Then final battle of besieged Shuri-castle was heated, but the king just offered a surrender in the second day.
    There was a weak point of Shimazu force in food supply, thus there was still a hope in the besieged strategy of Shuri-castle, therefore it was a surrender that the king determined.
    Shimazu took the king and weighty royal members or vassals to Japan, as prisoners, especially Shanauekata and Urazoeuekata were treated like criminals.
    The king was detained in Satsuma till next year, then taken out to meet Ieyasu.
    Ieyasu made an order that not treating the king to be a criminal, but to treat him as same as Korean envoy, like a valued guest.
    Thus the king was treated to be a guest when he met Ieyasu and Hidetada the Shogun then, while he was a criminal in Satsuma.
    Ieyasu wanted to make his visiting look to be a foreign envoy to come celebrating Tokugawa regime.
    Likewise he had an aim to deal with Ming by trade business, so Ryukyu would be better staying a foreign country not part of Japan.
    Thus they tended to make Ryukyu people not assimilated to Japanese culture, but preserved Ryukyu style.
    Colonization of Ryukyu was firmly proceeded by Shimazu, while the king was taken away to Japan.
    There was difference between strategy of Ieyasu, and that of Shimazu.
    Shimazu who was treated not nice since Sekigahara battle, was seeking for means to pay back Tokugawa, with a preserved wealth, by exploiting over Ryukyu by making the country to be a colony.
    Bureaucrats were sent to Ryukyu from Satsuma, for research of Ryukyu territory, meant to impose tax, finally estimated as 83,000 goku(Japanese measure of rice, they thought that one person can live for a year by 1 goku).
    As climate condition of Ryukyu is not so good for making rice, so Satsuma required of special products like cloth, rope for tribute to Satsuma.
    After had a meeting with Ieyasu and Shogun Hidetada, the king was brought back to Satsuma, treated like a criminal there again.
    Moreover, the king and Sanshikans were coerced to sign a pledge paper.
    Pledge about confirmation to the aggression of Satsuma that it was caused by Ryukyu to be rude, or pledge of never forgetting the benevolence of Shimazu, that tends to make Ryukyu not destroyed, even in their far descendant age.
    They did sign but for Shanauekata, who was ruling out to make a signature, likewise revealed that he tried to send a passenger calling for help to Ming, determined to be executed, decapitated in Satsuma.
    Shanauekata, he is still admired most in Okinawa nowadays, to be a hero unyielding.
    After all, the king finally came back to Ryukyu in 1611.
    The king soon sent an envoy to Ming in response to an order of Japan, as “Got attacked by Japan, the king was captured temporary, but he came back and everything is just as it was then, thus we hope for paying tribute to Emperor like we used to.”
    But just Ming, that had an almost grasp with an incident happened on Ryukyu, barely responded like “Then you people might have been in a tough time lately, so no need to pay tribute like you did back then, as one time in 2 years, from now, one time in 10 years would be good for you.”
    It was quite few to pay tribute one in 10 years, especially for Ieyasu or Shimazu that were aiming to get profit through a return gift of the tribute.
    They were disappointed very much.
    Then Ieyasu dared send a letter to Ming through Shimazu, to let Ming deal with Japan by trade business, but just failed.
    Consequently, by the aggression, only Shimazu who obtained Ryukyu to be a colony, which able to use as a pivot of illegal commerce business, were benefitted.
    That was going to emerge an extra power to bring Tokugawa regime down in the far future.
    Roughly speaking, it can be seen as Satsuma was able to retaliate for Sekigahara grudge on Tokugawa with their extra power preserved in exploiting over Ryukyu.
    After the aggression, there was double tribute condition in Ryukyu till Ryukyushobun that made Ryukyu Kingdom abolished so to be part of Japan exerted in early Meiji era, also till coerced to get separated from Qing-China then.
    Qing in 1880 made an objection to the treatment of Ryukyu, as Ryukyu was always one of their tributary states all through Edo era, Chinese people might have thought the kingdom to be a substance of their protection.
    In my consideration, Chinese people appear to feel shame or regret in not protecting the kingdom against Japan. This is not a kind of issue claiming possession, but a feeling more humane to tend to make some mend, for Ryukyu people those getting oppressed since Yamato annexed the kingdom to Japanese territory against the will of Ryukyu people.
    Ryukyu is still under colonization of Yamato Japan, and USA.

    Photo of the Ryukyu people paying respect to Shanauekata.

    • Southernfink

      Nicely done Michiko –

      from smaller nations to larger nations – it’s all about trying to keep their sovereignty intact

      Ryukyu once had her own sovereignty, now she is being controlled by Japan who in turn has lost their sovereignty to the US who in turn has lost their sovereignty to the global financial elite.

      While the US goes around the world pretending to be fighting terrorism – what she is really doing is installing puppet governments and making them accountable to the financial elite.

      For example, Ukraine now owes much money to the IMF, a front for the international financiers.

      Only nations with powerful armies are able to stand up to this global corporate takeover while the smaller nations are usually forced to concede theirs.

      • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

        Thanks, I hope more people are going to see my summary, and know why Okinawans are protesting that way now.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑫Ryukyu history for foreigners

    By the reign of Shoshin-oh, Ryukyu Kingdom got into Great Commerce Age, made it come ture just like 万国津梁 that Taikyu-oh was heading for, by carving his wish into the bell.
    Their term was extended from Busan Korea, Beijing, Fuzhou, Canton, Luzon, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, reached to Indonesia.
    The term that they were moving around over the sea is broader more and more than one from the northern end of Hokkaido to the southern end of Kyushu.
    It can be said that it was a greater country than then Japan if the extent they were passing were all their territory.
    According to some local Okinawan nowadays, those Ryukyu merchants were known to be Lequio among Westerners, as the people with much of international sense.
    Also they had tradition to bring their folk’s remain back to their homeland to bury there, when one of the party died.
    In those days Ming-China, the regime banned to deal with commerce business with foreign countries so Chinese people practically couldn’t have entered into the business.
    Given security ensured for being a tributary state, Ryukyu people were able to concentrate on their commerce business with permission of their suzerain state, while Ming was supposed to deal with crackdown on pirates.
    Ryukyu paid tribute by horses or sulfur to Ming’s order.
    It might have been a great age in Ryukyu Kingdom as domestically, people could have walked around there not armed, on abroad, secured by Ming brand.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑪Ryukyu history for foreigners

    In the age of Shishin-oh, by migration of local Aji people to capital Shuri, their worship ritual of ancestors were also organized to be corresponded to centralization under Ryukyu King.
    All the priests(shrine maiden) of Ryukyu were female, set to suit to hierarchy system as Kikoeookimi at the top who was chosen from sisters of a king, next to her, valued priests 33 Kimigimi, then Ooamo the local priests, and Noro women.
    The women were appointed to be the positions by selection of relatives of local Aji people.
    Sacred place in Ryukyu is called Utaki, a place surrounded by rocks enshrining natural stone.
    There were 10 Utaki(s) in Shuri-castle, directed by Kikoeookimi.
    This worshipping system was established to be a national religion of Ryukyu Kingdom.

    World Heritage “Sēfa-utaki”.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑩Ryukyu history for foreigners

    In the reign of Shoshin-oh, all the Aji people those who used to live in their own local castle, were ordered to migrate to Capital Shuri.
    Instead of those local Aji, Ajiokite that the king appointed to be were supposed to manage each local area.
    It was coming up with regime near centralization.
    Assumedly, disarming of Aji would be enforced in those days.
    It can be said it was done preceded Katanagari of Hideyoshi Toyotomi.
    Since then, all the people including a king or peerages spent their time in an un-armed figure.
    Ryukyu people usually wore Hachimachi-look, with a cap called Hachimachi on their head.
    There was a strict rule of colors in Hachimachi by hierarchy as following.

    In order of nobility,
    Ukiorikan, red base with pattern, allowed to a prince, king’s brother, Aji,
    purple, for Oyakata, higher bureaucrat,
    yellow, for Peechin, middle or high ranked bureaucrat,
    red, for lower bureaucrat,
    blue, for one with no rank.

    In 1509, by 32th year reign of Shoshin-oh, Momourazoerankannomei(mei means a memorial phrase) was carved in Rankan(balustrade) with Shuri-castle.
    It says “wholly devote to piling up swords and bows and arrows, so to make it to be defense means of the country”.
    There are also a different interpretation coming up as it was not meant to be disarmament, but for collection of weapons in the castle.

    ↓nowadays people dressed up in those days looking for a festival, very interesting.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑨Ryukyu history for foreigners

    Ogiyaka a mother of Shoshin-oh, called Yozoeodon, overlooking her son to help his reign when he was young.
    She built a new cemetery for her husband Shoen, served a grave of second Sho dynasty people, called Tamaudoun, registered to be one of the World Heritage.
    There was tradition in Okinawa, a measure to bury a person by exposure to the elements, by resting a remain in natural cave, later taking the remain out and washing for eternal burial.
    The cemetery was designed to correspond to this tradition, in a center room, a remain was rested, then after the remain was washed, moved to a room in the left side as one faces when it was bones belonged to a king, to a room in the right side as one faces when other royal member.
    There is a monument made of stone placed in front of the cemetery, that is written down notification specifying whom to bury here.
    It is written in Japanese as,
    もしのちにあらそふ人あらはこのすみ見るへし このかきつけそむく人あらは てんにあをぎちにふしてたたるへし」
    meaning, all the descendants of Shoshin-oh must be buried in here, and when anyone there not to suit to this order, let one take a good look at this monument, when still arguing, I will not spare any effort to cast a curse with all of my force.
    There feels quite a faith in her text carved into the stone, who spared no effort to establish the dynasty by supporting her young son.
    Eventually, the time has come to her to leave the world and go to the cemetery.
    Then Shoshin-oh made a decision to abolish a martyr dying tradition, as until she died, people like female servants of the noble deceased were locked in the resting room so to get starved to death in following their majesty.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑧Ryukyu history for foreigners

    Unless the age of Shoshin-oh, the extent of Ryukyu Kingdom was over mainland and other islets around, not over Miyako-island, Ishigaki-island, or Yonaguni-island(Yaeyama chain), as these were independent countries back then.
    In 1500, Oyakeakahachi, an Aji of Ishigaki-island, refused to pay tribute to Ryukyu Kingdom and resisted against it.
    Thereby Shoshin-oh sent his troops for subduing the island.
    Nakasone, as known as Tohmiya, an Aji of Miyako-island located next to the island, appointed to be a spearhead of the force, as he has chosen to follow Ryukyu Kingdom.
    Nakasone broke through many battles in many where so eventually Akahachi was captured and executed as a rebel, by decapitation.
    Thus Yaeyama-island was annexed to Ryukyu Kingdom.
    Oyakeakahachi, he is still a hero in Ishigaki-island, admired much.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑦Ryukyu history for foreigners

    When Shoen-oh has died after 7 years of his reign, there was an only 12 years old son Makatotakeru left.
    Thereby Shoen’s brother Shoseni took over after him.
    But just Ogiyaka a mother of Makatotakeru was not pleased of this inauguration.
    There were two rituals for getting inaugurated to be a Ryukyu king, as confirmed by Ming Emperor, and granted a god name from a Kikoe-ohkimi, that was appointed to be a most high ranked female priest.
    Then something unusual came up on a ceremony.
    Kikoe-ohkimi just stepped forward not to in front of Shoseni in the throne, but to Makatotakeru, started singing Omoro(God words).
    Thus Shoseni who’s got deeply shocked ran out of the palace, later voluntary declined the throne, died within the year.
    Consequently, Makatotakeru age 13 came to the throne as Shoshin-oh, supposed to reign over Ryukyu for 50 years long.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑥Ryukyu history for foreigners

    As Taikyu-oh has died at age 46 after 7 years of his reign, his son Shotoku came to the throne.
    He was said to be atrocious and arrogant, went to Kikai-island that was not his territory yet, made it subjugated.
    His primal vassal Kanamaru, remonstrated the king not to give suffering to the people by useless battles, not accepted, so gave up on the king, left society for living in seclusion, in Uchima village.
    Later the king suddenly died by next year, not certain whether he was poisoned or not.
    Thereby Sanshikan(most weighty vassals of the king) recommended a juvenile son of the former king as a next king, supposed to announce it on a front garden of Shuri-castle.
    But at the day of the annoucement, there came an old man Asatoufuya up on the reception out of the blue, started ranting as,
    “One that is meant to make it better on the people has to be a king, one residing in Uchima should be”.
    Then people rallied there concurred with him as “Uusari, uusari”.
    Thus a coup was carried out by this happening, all the family members of Shotoku-oh were killed, while Uniohgusuku, a husband of Momotofumiagari was killed too.
    The rebel group visited Kanamaru in Uchima village, solicited him for coming to the throne.
    Kanamaru, declined for many times in worrying whether he was called a traitor, but finally accepted.
    He submitted it to Ming-China as he just came to the throne after the former king, then got certified to be a Ryukyu king.
    Kanamaru altered his name with Shoen, as technically, he was supposed to be a son of Shotoku.
    Second dynasty of Sho family was begun by Shoen.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ⑤Ryukyu history for foreigners

    After Taikyu-oh came to the throne by the integration of the three mountains, there was still a seed of conflict.
    Particularly, there was Amawari who was an Aji in Katsuren, very prevailing, thus the king placed one of his most royal vassals Gosamaru ever serving since the age of Hashi-oh, in Nakagusuku-castle near Amawari’s residence, meant to be surveillance and containment.
    Then someday Amawari came up to give information to the king that accuses Gosamaru of being in intent to make a rebel against the king.
    Consequently, the king somehow believing in what Amawari said made an attack to Nakagusuku-castle.
    Goamaru who saw an authentic flag of the king realized of no chance to get against the king, decided to kill himself with all of his family.
    Meanwhile, there was a woman of matchless beauty in Katsuren-castle as Amawari’s wife, called Momotofumiagari, who was a daughter of Taikyu-oh, also a granddaughter of Gosamaru.
    Amawari had a retainer called “Uniohgusuku”, Kenyu Ohgusuku who was much talented in his valor.
    Since he noticed that Amawari was in intent to bring the king down, got the beautiful wife out of the castle, together with himself.
    By this effort he was appointed to be a commander of a punitive force to Amawari, going to fell Amawari and became a groom of Momotofumiagari in the consequence.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ④Ryukyu history for foreigners

    After Chuzan destroyed Hokuzan, still there was Nanzan king Tarumii ruling Nanzan area.
    As he appeared to want to get a folding screen made of gold which Sho Hashi owned, Hashi proposed to exchange it with Kadeshi river.
    In consideration of the river not able to carry, Tarumii agreed with the offer, but Hashi actually gave an order to forbid anyone to enter into the river.
    Accordingly, angst against Tarumii among the people in Nanzan those who were bothered started arising.
    Eventually Hashi who got solicited by the Nanzan Aji people those sought to destroy the bad king, brought down Nanzan, made the three mountains integrated, stated a foundation of Ryukyu Kingdom, in 1429.

    After the integration, he started tackling with reconstruction of Shuri-castle, created an artificial pond Ryutan, or Chuzan-gate.
    Later his second son Sho Chu was passed over from Hashi, died 5 years later, then Chu’s son Shitatsu came to the throne, died 4 years later, then Kinpuku a Hashi’s 6th son came to it, died 4 years later too.

    Thereby, it was coming up with a family trouble, Shiro a son of Kinpuku and Furi a brother of Kinpuku fought with each other, then the castle was burned down, even Silver Stamp given by Ming Emperor was lost.
    Likewise the men killed each other at the same time.
    By losing the lives of the arguing successors, Taikyu 7th son of Hashi sent an envoy to Ming, got a new Silver Stamp and came to the throne himself.
    Taikyu-oh is known by stating a bell called Bankokushinryonokane.
    There’s a literature carved into the bell as below.
    Telling his statement that meant to make his realm become an international country developed by trade business.

    The Kingdom of the Ryukyus is situated in the splendid Location in the south seas.
    She look from the splendid culture and civilization of Korea
    Relations with Ming China are complementary as if those between the upper jaw and the lower one helping each other.
    Relations with Japan are also complementary as if those between the lips and teeth helping each other.
    It stands on an enchanted island from the great Mother earth between China and Japan
    She uses trade and mission ships as means of bridging all nations.
    Everywhere in the Kingdom is filled with foreign products and precious goods.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ③Ryukyu history for foreigners

    In the age of Sanzan, three kings sent an envoy to pay tribute to Ming-China severally, got certified of their authenticity for each.
    Satto-oh in Chuzan was the first to send an envoy.
    After Satto-oh, his son Bunei-oh succeeded to his father, unfortunately he was a tyrant cruel.
    Thereby Aji people in Chuzan solicited Hashi who was an Aji in Sashiki of replacing the king, came to destroy him.
    Hashi rose an army and brought down the king, placed his father Shisho in the throne.
    Likewise he claimed a surname Sho while people in Ryukyu had no surname in general until then. So he became Shohashi.
    This surname Sho was said to be one given from Emperor of Ming, but it is not valid in Chinese literature.
    Shohashi sent an envoy to Ming by his father’s name, to report as Shisho was passed over power from his father Bunei, in cheating, while Shisho was 2 years elder than Bunei in fact, consequently, somehow as Ming tended not to meddle with an internal affair further, sent back a tributary certification envoy to Ryukyu.
    Meanwhile, Hanachi in Nakijin-castle who was Hokuzan king, certified to be a king of a tributary country of Ming as well.
    The name Hanachi is not certain whether including a surname or only pointing at his first name.
    In 1416, Shohashi who was focusing on enforcing wealth and military strength, rose an army to bring down Hokuzan king, seized into Hokuzan territory, said to be with three thousand troops.
    But as long as the castle was much invincible, not went well, Chuzan army kept struggling.
    Then Shohashi had an eye on Motobutehara who was a sub-commander of Hokuzan, as he was known to be greedy, sent a spy so that makes him persuaded of betrayal instead of reward.
    In accepting this offer, Motobutehara tried to convince Hanachi that kept inside of the castle, proposed as “better go out and fight for evading being seen like timid”, in the upshot, the king agreed with the suggestion and decided to go out from the castle.
    While the king was going out, Motobutehara who was supposed to defend the castle by order, actually led the enemy in through Shikema-mon(one of the entrances of the castle), to the inside of the castle.
    Hokuzan king, who was soon noticed of being betrayed, getting back to the castle, found Motobutehara and rebuked him.
    Motobutehara responded to him like “you are not entitled to be in the throne”.
    Then the furious king slew him to death, went to Kabiyan-otaki(a sacred place in the castle), slashed at a spiritual rock Ibi, before he committed a suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword.
    Otaki means where god is enshrined.
    He might have meant resentment to a god for not actually protecting him.
    The scratch he made on the rock is said to be still seen in the castle.
    The sword was going to hand down within Sho family in Chuzan, named Chiyoganemaru.
    It is a very interesting tradition to say, who keeps a sword that was taken for a suicide of the opponent who was destroyed.
    When things in Yamato, people were much scared of such an issue as it should have been cursed, not tending to keep it nearer, presumably, enshrining such a sword in somewhere else like a new shrine would be natural.
    Therefore Hokuzan territory then was coming up under Chuzan’s control.


  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ②Ryukyu history for foreigners

    After Shunten took power, his descendants lasted for 3 generations and 3rd king Gihon-oh decided to make his status handed over to Eiso-oh, by exerting Zenjo.
    Zenjo is an act of a king or someone high ranking peacefully giving his status to someone else but his descendant, without a fight.
    Usually, one always tends to pass his status down to his descendant, but in Zenjo, there gives it to someone with different blood, it means officially, some deed seen like he declared that “I think it would be better some another person to rule the area because my family is not virtuous enough anymore”, arguably, there might have been something meets in the eyes behind the scene.
    Around 13th century, by taking in Hiragana, many of ancient songs were recorded into a book called “Omorosoushi”, these were songs that shrine maidens had sung in their retual dedicating to God.
    The dynasty was changed to another one from descendants of Eiso-oh, when Satto-oh destroyed former one.
    In the age of Satto-oh, there was an envoy Yosai visiting from Ming(China), so the king sent his envoy in response to the greeting in 1372, then relationship with China(Middle Kingdom) had begun, joining into Chinese tributary order.
    The system was run by a procedure sending an envoy with greeting gift, so that getting certified to be a vassal of Chinese Emperor, also meant to be a security treaty so that the Emperor would send his force when a tributary country has got attacked.
    As Emperor always gave back reward that was many times amount more than what he got as tribute, thus many countries around China tended to pay a tribute one after another, as if it was a kind of advantaged trade business, then gradually this too much generosity led China to her decline.
    Actually, Ryukyu was not integrated yet in those days mainland.
    Satto-oh only ruled middle part of the land, which was called “Chuzan”, meaning “midst mountain”, placed its capital “Shufu” in Shuri-castle since he moved its capital from former one in Urasoe.
    In the north of Chuzan, there was another king Hokuzan-oh in Nakijin-castle, also in the south, Nanzan-oh, each was ruling his territory.
    Especially, Nakijin-castle was said to be invincible, yielding to nobody, surrounded by cliffs.
    They call this age “Sanzanjidai=Three Mountain Age”, lot of Chinese people migrated in the age since the relationship began, they were called “Binjin 36 sei=Bin people of 36 surnames”, Bin means Fujian province in China.
    Previous Governor of Okinawa Hirokazu Nakaima is one of their descendants.
    They built a China town in Kume village, engaged in diplomacy or trade business.
    Around the age, relationship with Korea was also begun and kept happening.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    ①Ryukyu history for foreigners

    There’s a literature called “Chuzanseikan” handed down in Ryukyu, that telling
    Ryukyu history.
    According to which, reference of story of genesis is there, at first, God
    made all the islands in Ryukyu.
    Next God sent a couple of gods down to earth.
    Eventually, they bore 3 boys and 2 girls, first son became a king, second son was
    to be a source of local lords, third son engaged in farming, first daughter became
    a queen, second daughter became a shrine maiden, thus each one was to be the source of the classes.
    Therefore consanguineous marriage is seen in the myth, but it is also found in
    actual ancient Yamato court too.
    The lineage of the first son was called Tenson-family.
    Not certified when the court in the myth started, anyway after 25 generations, late
    12th century, local lords made a riot and Riyu who was by then a valued vassal of the king came to decimate his boss, claimed himself to be a new king later.
    In Ryukyu, local lords were called “Aji”.
    Unfortunately, Aji people didn’t follow the new king Riyu and one man Shunten happened to destroy him, then Shunten became a king himself, founded his own court.
    Shunten was a man from Urasoe, said to be very brave.
    He is known to be a first Ryukyu king other than those in the myth.
    Shunten was said to take in Hiragana(Japanese characters) from Yamato.
    Also he had a mysterious legend around his birth.
    It said, that Minamotonotametomo(one of Bushi in Yamato) who was lost and supposed to be dead, actually survived and ran away from there all the way to Ryukyu region, reached Unten-port, later had a son between a local woman.
    The son was said to be Shunten. But this is still just a rumor, which many local
    Okinawans you may ask will deny.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    Endangered mamal dugong in Henoko Shore.

  • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

    The building of this base has broad ramifications:it will destroy local marine life, pollute natural resources, and put residents in danger.

    There are endangered mammal dugongs in the shore, very very peaceful cute animal, and corals those now hurt by a boring survey procedure.
    Abe is a shameless hypocrite as he has RUN AMOK with corals in Ogasawara shore as Chinese boats are coming to steal them, but he DARES hurt the corals of Henoko shore, what the h*ll is that.
    Also the new base is supposed to accept US nuclear submarines dropping by, so it will make Okinawan locals exposed to more danger.

    US Marine in Okinawa is not deployed for the security of Japan.
    But for there to go rescuing US citizens in the region, with an emergency.
    They will rescue some VIP of the allies too.
    They don’t help Japanese civilians first, not second either.

    Okinawa belongs to Okinawans, US force should give up on the new base.
    USA should revise their military policy from root and branch in having a base all around the world.
    You can’t keep doing this anymore.
    You people need to stop living on the expense of foreign countries.
    It just makes you hated more.
    See, what your ambassador is coming up with in South Korea?
    You Americans are in fact a target of grudges in almost everywhere in the world now, the case in SK is just a tip of the big iceberg.

  • Southernfink

    Anyone keen, here is an interesting recent article covering this and other related topics.


    • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

      Southern, if you mind when I post brief Ryukyu history summary that I made before?
      It has length, and not all, referred to it until Ryukyu Kingdom was aggressed by Yamato force. I made it by 13 pieces.

      • Southernfink

        You are free to post whatever you like, but do you have an article you like to put up?

        I thought you had something to do with the creation of the above article (^^,)

        • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

          Thanks, I just thought that I’m going to post it in this comment section as this is an article about Okinawa.
          So anyone who comes here to read Okinawans’ regard, may see my history posts as well.
          As my summary has 13 portions so I’m going to post them from time to time. Not once and for all. Is that OK?

          • Southernfink

            That is an excellent idea, thanks for sharing !

  • Southernfink

    Okinawans are right to demand their land back, after all they’re the traditional custodians and that needs to be placed well above the interests of the US war machine.

    How could any nation honestly claim to be looking after it’s national interests when it’s been caught lying about invading other nations, bombing, killing without due process and without ever attempting to provide logical explanations for their actions that have been displacing many millions of people while simultaneously disrespecting the sovereignty of each and every nation that dares to protect theirs.

    Not since the second world war has a single nation on earth had a leg over on the propaganda chorus that the US MSM presstitutes have been coming up with.

    The US is not under attack from any part in the world, try the other way round – that makes more sense — the world is filled with many US bases, and not with the approval of the locals who strongly object, just like this fine article explains.

    Estimates of US bases run at over 1000 world wide, more about that in Nick Turse, The Pentagon’s Planet of Bases

    Since the birth of the US, she’s not been at war for 17 years, more about that in America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776

    • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

      I borrowed this comment to my blog article as to translate into Japanese, thanks.

      • Southernfink

        Michiko, I like your comments and think they’re really informative — I don’t mind if you post them here or if interested — consider registering with this site, subsequently the owner can arrange for you to post your own articles.

        edit – we’d be honored if you consider posting your articles here.

        • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

          Oh, that’s my honor too, I don’t know how to do it but I’ll check it out later.
          Problem is my English ability as I usually take care of spell mistakes with Microsoft Word processer but I know my text is still far from decent when it is of English.
          My Okinawan summary is what I made a year ago so really messed up, more maladroit so I am reviewing and editing.
          My purpose is to let foreign people make sure that Okinawans are a totally different ethnic with distinct history and culture, independent from those of Yamato Japanese.
          They are different ethnic people actually.

          • Southernfink

            You’re not the only one making typo’s – I am forever correcting mine — we all do that — but I know what you meant.

            Far as I understand the situation Okinawa is being used as a strategic military outpost to benefit the US hegemony which is all about generating corporate profits.

            The Okinawan culture is not important to them, people everywhere are simply pushed aside to make room for corporate expansion.

            • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

              Oh my problem is not only about typo…anyway, as my work, I don’t mean a decent English text like other people write.
              I gave up on it long before as it is not possible for me to do no matter of my endeavor as it is what a language is meant to be.
              Language is not able to commit to the same degree with native speakers when one learns it posteriorly.
              So I am OK just I practice my advantage most, in telling things that foreign people have no idea with.
              I know I have my own advantage in return of not being good at English.

              • Southernfink

                All good Michiko, I’ll still look forward to reading the all other chapters.

              • http://ameblo.jp/cluttered-talk/ Michiko

                I registerd and logged in, but not sure how to post an article.
                There’s no any button to accept it.

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                Wait, I’ll forward this ~!