Corporate rule hurts the US more than shutdown

The Tea Partiers are undoubtedly viewing “job creators” (large corporate CEOs and managers) as essential to growing American jobs, wages, and prosperity.

At the same time, when drilling deeper into their support of the free market capitalist system, they seem to be capable of distinguishing between “free market” capitalism and government rigged market corporatism; resting the blame at the feet of a captured, by these “job creators'” self-serving interests, USG. The differences between their assessment of the status quo: state socialism, and the “radical” left’s: state capitalism (corporatism/fascism) seems to mostly hinge on semantics. But the shared denominator is, in effect, a corporate interests favoring, corrupted Washington, on both sides of the aisle.

The TPers answer is to demolish, from the inside, the GOP’s slavish relationship to corporate interests dependence on direct big-government financial and regulatory subsidies and protections, be it GM or TBTF financial institutions. Not a bad first step, albeit the most egregious psychopathic welfare queen, the MIC, would be spared if they had their way.

The liberal left, enamored of the absurd conceit that big government is always a force for good, acts like a deer paralyzed by headlights — it can’t think straight and can’t advance; it represents roadkill in the making.



  • Liberius Cato

    When’s the last time a megacorporate CEO created jobs? Ask the Chinese & the Indians, nobody here remembers. The real engines of job creation in the US are small and medium-level businesses, not multinationals. What we need is a light government involvement in business to level the playing field between small & large business, not stack the deck. We’re pretty confident that things would sort themselves out if natural market forces were allowed to work against the artificial structures that the government has propped up.

    Our current system is Economic Fascism, and there’s nothing more its supporters fear than unrestrained Capitalism. Because all of the empires of misery they built would be swept away in a tide of new competitors offering better products and services, or at least more ethical replacements for the crap they sell.

    • aprescoup

      I imagine that the left and right could reasonably come to agree that neoliberalism depends on the political left and right coming together, in the center, to shape an oligopoly.

      A centrist driven oligopoly poses an existential threat to the working class; wage earners and small businesses owners, alike.

      An existential threat from a corporate security state arraigned against the (working class)public; facilitated by mountains of politicized debt money, and perpetuated and enforced by militarism, does not leave much room for long term strategies, or pissing contests about how to shape the post-neolib/neocon era.

      This financial, corporate, military, secret-security, big government, left-right, junta has grown into an illegitimate neo-royalist entity.

      “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

      History, once again, rhyming.

      • Liberius Cato

        Mark Twain, wasn’t it? History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes.
        It’s a new aristocracy, it’s a surveillance-state, it’s a police-state, it’s fascist, it’s similar to Stalinist Communism… and there I go describing the exact same phenomenon in the language of the right. We often have the same ideas, but because of differences in what we read, express them through a different terminology, then get lost in arguing the definitions.
        Perhaps sometimes we need to step back and try to sort out what we actually mean instead of what we say. I don’t think anyone looks at WalMart, its chronic understaffing with low-wage workers on welfare (subsidized with tax dollars at the public’s expense!), shelves full of cheap Chinese garbage (killing US industry), and its slow destruction of small business across America as a good thing. Then we start talking about it, and can’t figure out what the heck the other guy is saying. Then there’s the Neos. They love it and want more because it destroys the independent and the secure and makes more people dependent on government, on them, and we’re guilty by association… because both our sides are infected by these jackals.

        • aprescoup

          I wonder if you have ever visited

          For whatever it’s worth, Gerald Celente – no Socialist he – refers to the content as among the best on the inter-tubes…

          Skipping the last one-or-two paragraphs of their journalistic fare is advisable for most all, but trotskyites. 😉

          • Liberius Cato

            You’d be surprised how much news you can trawl from sources that others would write off out of hand, as long as you’re willing to reject the part when they try to tell you what to think about it and come up with your own conclusion.

    • anti_republocrat

      As long as people are cognizant that the biggest government subsidy of all is limited liability, the privilege of investing a fixed amount of money in an enterprise, being allowed to share in potentially limitless profits of that enterprise, but have one’s risk limited to the dollar amount of the initial investment.

      True small businesses, in the form of sole proprietors and common law partnerships do not have this privilege. Any damages caused or debts incurred by such non-chartered businesses are the personal responsibility of the proprietor or partnership. Total personal net worth is at risk.

      Yes, free up such small businesses completely. Either abolish limited liability or severely limit executive compensation and dividends for such entities.