Violent arrests as police begin evacuating Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp

By Zaida Green 23 February 2017 Riot police began violently arresting the remaining Dakota Access Pipeline protesters in the Oceti Sakowin Camp, following yesterday’s eviction deadline set by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum. The first arrests occurred a few hours after the 2:00 pm deadline. Police rushed and tackled unarmed protesters and independent journalists, then […]

The Stakes for Trump and All of Us — Paul Craig Roberts

The Stakes for Trump and All of Us Paul Craig Roberts We need to understand, and so does President Trump, that the hoax “war on terror” was used to transform intelligence agencies, such as the NSA and CIA, and criminal investigative agencies, such as the FBI, into Gestapo secret police agencies. Trump is now threatened […]

Western Interests Aim To Flummox Russia, By Paul Craig Roberts & Michael Hudson.

An article by Robert Berke in, which describes itself as «The No. 1 Source for Oil & Energy News», illustrates how interest groups control outcomes by how they shape policy choices. Berke’s article reveals how the US intends to maintain and extend its hegemony by breaking up the alliance between Russia, Iran, and China, and […]

The Fake Left By Dady Chery and Gilbert Mercier

All writers with a desire to rattle people out of their torpor occasionally wonder if it is worthwhile to continue to try to raise their voices over the din of lies and distractions. More and more for us, such thoughts are occasioned, not by the mainstream, which predictably treats all the pronouncements from the powerful […]

Anti-Donald Trump: war propaganda by Thierry Meyssan

Our previous articles concerning President Trump have caused some fierce reactions from our readers. Some of them have been wondering about the naïvety apparently displayed by Thierry Meyssan despite the warnings issued by the international Press and the accumulation of negative signals. Here is his response, well-reasoned as always. VOLTAIRE NETWORK Two weeks after his […]

Not your regular evening news….

A recent statement by Rex Tillerman was alarming to say the least, specially for Venezuelans who cherish their nations sovereignty…… Tillerman, the former CEO of ExxonMobil , must remember how he was one of the 22 major multinational corporations who’s assets were nationalized. Surely now that Tillerman has become US Secretary of State under Trump — He certainly […]

The Thorniest Policy-Question That President Trump Will Face – By Eric Zuesse

Mark Strauss, the Editor of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, headlined on 8 September 2014, «Nukes Are Cannibalizing The U.S. Defense Budget», and he raised the question of why nuclear forces are «cannibalizing the U.S. defense budget» now decades after the end of the Soviet Union and of its Warsaw Pact military alliance and its communist dictatorial ideology. No American President […]

Remember who kick-started all this?

Not much attention is being devoted to HRC blatant disregard for security protocol when installing that extremely risky server in the Clintons basement. Even though Hillary has caused this entire mess, the Bitch walks. While people close to her meet with untimely death when they talk. Even if it wasn’t a set up from the […]

Can Trump Fix The Economy In 2017? — Paul Craig Roberts

In the West Junk Information And Junk Judgment Prevail Paul Craig Roberts The Western world and that part of the world that partakes of Western explanations live in a fictional world. We see this everywhere we look—in the alleged machinations of Russia to elect Donald Trump president of the US, in claims that Saddam Hussein […]

From ‘Fake News’ to ‘Fake Intelligence’ By Wayne Madsen

Never in the history of the Central Intelligence Agency has it and its surrogates so blatantly and boldly interfered in a U.S. election. The U.S. media, in a matter of hours, altered course from concentrating on «fake news» about innocent pizzerias being linked to child sexual exploitation to spotlighting «fake intelligence» about Russia’s alleged cyber-espionage […]