All Sorts of Stupid Assumptions

It is amazing how otherwise intelligent people  have their brains shut down when it comes to talking about political alliances. After well over year of trying to convince libertarians to form a temporary one, I have heard them all. Here are the top 10 from both sides: 10 Stupid Assumptions of Progressives Who Always Oppose […]

Progressives and Libertarians: Unite We Must!

The Left and Right must fashion a way to unite and fend off the neoliberal/neoconservative cabal of extractive corporatist capitalists, drowning our future in their diamond encrusted, skull shaped, chamber pots, while simultaneously scaring the left with Nordquist’s bathtub. The true power of the Oligarch-kleptocrats rests in keeping the population (electorate) divided along emotional, sociocultural, […]

Left Progressive “Firebaggers” Measuring Ron Paul For Support?

Yesterday, a poster (freesociety) at Firedoglake posted an article referencing Glenn Greedwald’s take down of the media with regards to Ron Paul being disappeared after placing 2nd at the Iowa Ames poll. (You can also find the relevant portion from Glenn’s post here: Progressives, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert Support Ron Paul.) The message tacked on the end of […]

Progressives, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert Support Ron Paul

To say nothing of Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich, Alexander Cockburn, Matthew Gonzales, and—well, I hope that the list will be growing. While most of the left blogosphere is either joined at their pelvis to the Democrat(ic) Party, and like an abused spouse expected to come back for more abuse, or are warming some delusions of […]

Is Ron Paul More Progressive Than Obama?

I suppose that the question here might have been posed in terms of Liberals and Libertarians. I’ve posed it on several occasions at Firedoglake—a liberal gatekeeper site—and the responses were so illogical, incomprehensible and demented, as to transform the effectively pro war arguments of peace loving liberals into an effluvium of Palinesque babble. Ron Paul: More […]