Macron and Le Pen: Two Faces of the Same Con

Re-posted with permission from NEWS JUNKIE POST By Gilbert Mercier May 1, 2017 at 5:52 am It is sad that a nation defined by a great revolution has come to this: the docile copycat of a pseudo-ideological struggle at play elsewhere between globalism and nationalism. It is sad that in the country of Danton, Mirabeau, Montesquieu and […]

Banker Cronyism Hits EU Ship Rocked by Brexit Torpedo

It couldn’t come at a worst time. Just as the European Union is reeling from the historic setback of Britain voting to leave the 28-member bloc, then comes the scandal of a former top commissioner taking a plum job at a Wall Street bank – to advise on the fallout from the Brexit. If ever […]

Central Banks: The Untouchables

Central banks are key institutions responsible for issuing currency, monitoring private banks and carrying out a country’s monetary policy. In terms of their influence on a country’s economy, central banks may surpass all the economic agencies of an executive branch, including ministries of finance (treasuries). Central banks are not a part of any of the […]

«Cherry picking» leaked documents: a CIA art form

The US Central Intelligence Agency, rather than attempt to deter massive leaks of sensitive documents, including classified US government materials, has figured out it is much more advantageous to «cherry pick» certain information and then release it as «major news» to a corporate media eager and willing to run with what they are handed. Such […]

French Fury Explodes with Echoes of 1968

Riot police clashing with striking workers, students shutting down universities, teargas and cars torched in the streets – the mayhem this past week in France evoked memories of 1968, the tumultuous year when mass protests threatened to overthrow a French government back then. The public fury last week in France boiled over into ugly scenes in several […]

Can the US Federal Reserve System Be Trusted with Reserves?

According to some estimates, all the international reserves of all the countries of the world total approximately $10 trillion. The vast majority of all international reserves are held in the US. Statistics provided by the US Federal Reserve give a general picture of the breakdown (table 1). Table 1 International reserves held in the US […]

Bush Family Links to Nazi Germany: “A Famous American Family” Made its Fortune from the Nazis

“A  famous American family” made its fortune from the Nazis, according to John Loftus’ documented historical analysis. The Bush family links to Nazi Germany’s war economy were first brought to light at the Nuremberg trials in the testimony of Nazi Germany’s steel magnate Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen was a partner of George W. Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush: From 1945 until […]

The Public Is Being Looted By Privatization And Deregulation — Paul Craig Roberts

The privatization movement and the deregulation movement have turned out to be failures. Privatization in Britain under the Thatcher government had its origin in the belief that the absence of incentivized managers and shareholders with a stake in the bottom line resulted in nationalized companies operating inefficiently, with their losses covered by government like the […]

The Evil Empire Has the World in a Death Grip

Today the only difference between capitalism and gangsterism is that capitalism has succeeded in legalizing its gangsterism. In my archives there is a column or two that introduces the reader to John Perkins’ important book, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. An EHM is an operative who sells the leadership of a developing country on […]

The Fantasy World of Central Bank Interest Rates Has Set the Stage for the Second Wave of the Global Financial Crisis

Starting from February, deposits made with the Bank of Japan began to accrue negative interest. The interest rate at the Central Bank of Japan now stands at minus 0.1%. This is no longer seen as shocking. The central banks in developed countries began backing into the negative zone for passive operations several years ago. The motivation and […]

Implementation of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (II)

Is Europe saving Ukraine? While the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was being drafted, Europe and even the US talked about it as though it would be Ukraine’s salvation, but now that the agreement is in full force, that tone is slowly changing. Ukrainians are no longer hearing as much about their rights as about their responsibilities. […]

Implementation of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (I)

Ukraine is «saving Europe»!? The full implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, along with the opening of the Free Trade Area between the two parties on Jan. 1, 2016, was expected by Kiev to be an important historic milestone, upon which all of Ukraine’s problems would miraculously melt away. But what actually happened? The beginning […]