Why Trusting US Government and Mainstream Media Makes You a Dupe

By ERIC ZUESSE | 17.04.2017 | Who trusts the U.S. government and American newsmedia nowadays? Only dupes possibly can. Just look at the recent history, for the evidence on that: The U.S. Government and ‘news’media lied us into invading Iraq in 2003, and hid their coup that overthrew the democratically elected progressive government in Iran in 1953, and lied to say […]

The techniques of modern military propaganda by Thierry Meyssan

Propaganda is as old as human society. However, it developed considerably during the age of mass society, and now follows strict rules. Thierry Meyssan looks at the history and the principles of the science of lying. The word «propaganda» refers to the Roman organisation whose job was to propagate Catholicism over Protestantism, the «Congregatio de […]

Michael Hudson’s Antidote to Neo-liberal Economists’ and “Austerians'” Deadly, Daily, Poison

Another title, for the conditioned to unconditionally surrender to party line liberal, could have been: Paul Krugman Sucks Up To Robert Rubin’s and the Fed’s Deadly Farts. According to Hudson’s insight into the purpose of the Fed’s (3 Trillion, and counting) QE policy – no end in sight – and the neoliberal deficit hawks’, in […]

Corporate rule hurts the US more than shutdown

The Tea Partiers are undoubtedly viewing “job creators” (large corporate CEOs and managers) as essential to growing American jobs, wages, and prosperity. At the same time, when drilling deeper into their support of the free market capitalist system, they seem to be capable of distinguishing between “free market” capitalism and government rigged market corporatism; resting […]

Dylan Ratigan’s Rage Filled Rant Against The System – MustSeeTV

This is what should be heard from a Dem President’s bully pulpit at this moment in time (5 years overdue,) especially from one oratorically as gifted as Obama. Unfortunately, Obama is a centrist DINO as is the entire Dem party, and there is no organized anti DINO faction to speak of in the mold of […]

Obama Democrats Prying Open The Trans Pacific Partnership Pandora’s Box

Everywhere, it seems, deep in denial and desperate Dem party loyalists at loss to explain away Obama’s corporate interests friendly compromises with the astroturf Tea Party—the potent Ayn Rand, and Koch Brothers’ names are invoked to detract from, and exonerate, the Dem party’s own transgressions, sins and betrayals—are drawing inter-party distinctions where few exist, and […]

What Speaking Truth to Power Should Sound Like!

This is the sort of speech that the left should be clamoring for from their own representatives, or at least their Prog-caucus back benchers. When the left, instead, settles for silence or thin propaganda tainted pablum then supporting them is clearly counter productive and self defeating – akin to Jonestown kool-aide quaffing BELGIAN MP, LAURENT LOUIS, DROPS […]

Could Truths Go Viral? Liberals In The Weeds?

    I’m far more radical than the liberal dream. But as a wake up call to what liberals have been led to and, conversely, away from, by corrupt politicians and the status quo media, this is not bad…a bit corny, ripe for some editing but could be worked with. There’s got to be some talent […]

(Video) Glen Ford: Obama, a More Effective Evil?

   Glen Ford, editor of Black Agenda Report, makes [an excellent] case as to why he believes Obama is a more effective evil. He talks of the destructive policies of the Obama administration, the quiescent Left and the collapse of the Black community’s voice in opposing this President.    

What’s The EU’s Endgame?

Judging by the image of a lighthouse embedded in this video, the view expressed is supported by UKIP. Not exactly the outfit whose own long term visions of a socio-political economy I would support. That however should not detract from Vladimir Bukovsky’s assessment of what is currently transpiring. This, IMO, holds true for both UKIP […]