U.S. law imposes itself on European territory

European governments most hypocritically claim that the mandate given to the European Commission to negotiate a transatlantic trade and investment partnership agreement with Washington falls within European law. Actually as with previous agreements such as Swift, data related to air passengers, and to tax evasion, the Commission has been told to suspend the application of […]

Bilderbergers aim for the end game in Russia – expert

  The first day of the G7 summit in Brussels, the first time in 17 years to be held without Russia, has been dominated by – Russia. The leaders were supposed to come up with a new “Russian” strategy and agree on their policies in the Ukraine crisis. Yet, the real decision makers were discussing […]

US against Venezuela: Cold War Goes Hot by Nil Nikandrov

Political analysts, like Nil Nikandrov, are paying attention to the timing of America’s efforts to replace the government in Venezuela and Ukraine. Washington wants to prove that a superpower is still capable of directing the course of events in different parts of the world to suit its agenda. In this article, the author focuses on […]

Pathetic Lament Of A Progressive ‘Netroots’ Activist

  Unless we understand some of the thinking and motives of most political players and tribes, pining to reshape politics to better represent their ideals, we cannot even begin to attempt to forge tactical coalitions in our struggle against the status quo. Our own ideologically compatible tribes are just numerically insufficient to pose a threat […]

Single Issue Voting…

This is one exhaustive and exhaustingly long, insightful and well referenced article, presenting a different, from the establishment punditocracy perspective, view of electoral politics. It begs for some collective marking up of instructive passages or, if it makes anyone feel better, individualist unpacking of parts or the whole or, nothing at all – possibilities abound…   […]

Should there be a Left-Right Coalition/Alliance?

The panelists at this UNPC conference, held in Albany on July 25, 2010, included Medea Benjamin, Glen Ford, and , well, mostly “”leftist” dead-enders,” if I may say so. Considering that this was held 3.5 years ago, it would be interesting to see whether the opinions of some of the representatives of various parochial “leftist” organizations—going […]

Parochial Political Movements Do Not a Revolution Make

When one digs down deep enough – not that deep really – or “simply” casts off the veil of propaganda and life-long conditioning, one finds the political center and the public center to be occupying opposite poles. The problem confronting us is that few are eager to dig, and the veil is more like Linus’ […]

You don’t have to be a [“fucking”] Marxist to see how the 1% is schtupping us all — donkeys and pachyderms — alike…

This is a bit of a gratuitous post in as much as Richard Wolff (“Marxist”) is not telling the presumptive “left” what zerohedge.org (“libertarian”) is not reporting each and every day, play by play, in real time. With articles like these: The Big-Picture Economy, Part 5: The State, Taxes And The Shredding Social Contract, Consumer Sentiment Plunges […]

The Orwellian Paradigm

The Orwellian Paradigm Killing you, for your own safety by Faisal Moghul, April 13, 2013 Print This | Share This Almost thirty years ago, cultural critic Neil Postman argued in Amusing Ourselves to Death that television’s gradual replacement of the printing press has created a dumbed-down culture driven by mindless entertainment. In this context, Postman […]

9/11, the JFK Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing as a Strategy of Tension by Peter Dale Scott

Scholar and former diplomat Peter Dale Scott compares the events of September 11, the JFK assassination and the Oklahoma City bombing. He exposes the existence and continuity of a “deep state” behind the facade. Introduction: Structural Deep Events and the Strategy of Tension in Italy From an American standpoint, it is easy to see clearly […]

Syria in Boston by Thierry Meyssan What has Syria got to do with the Boston bombing? Nothing at first glance, yet this event – and the clamor it has sparked – provides the key explanation for the Kerry-Lavrov plan deadlock. If nothing is happening in Syria, it is because Washington and Moscow have run into unforeseen difficulties, including the Chechen imbroglio.

The implementation of the Kerry-Lavrov plan for Syria has run into the ground due to the difficulties encountered by the two superpowers. As for the U.S., it is finding it harder to prevail over allies that were recruited against Syria and that are now required to disband with no compensation. On the Russian side, there […]