Refugee Flows Plunge Europe into Crisis

The refugee problem in Europe has been getting increasingly exacerbated, despite the attempts by Brussels to divert public attention by using the events in Syria, Ukraine and the Baltic States to whip up anti-Russian hysteria. Four countries of Central and Eastern Europe – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia – have stated their intent […]

Dubbed «Queen of Europe», German Chancellor Stands on Shaky Ground Before Crucial EU Summit

Some time ago the world saw German Chancellor Angela Merkel basking in the glory. The differences between East and West Germany were being effectively bridged. The country became much more tolerant with the Germans of Turkish descent rooted in mainstream society and making it to the top. The grand coalition between the Social Democrats and […]

SYRIZA Forces Demand “Requisitioning” of Greek Central Bank by Webster G. Tarpley

While the international press announced possible failure to Greece liquidity by the European Central Bank, a major faction of SYRIZA plans to declare a state of emergency and invoke the Treaty of Lisbon against the ECB. VOLTAIRE NETWORK | WASHINGTON D. C. (ÉTATS-UNIS) | 6 JULY 2015 As of 10pm EDT on Sunday, July 5th, […]

Greece about to get “Obamaed” by Tsipras?

Let’s be more informal about posting diaries. Not everyone feels confident about their writing skills, or has the time to commit to writing articles for the sole purpose of publishing them on one, not heavily frequented – at least not yet – website. Yet we know of one another mostly through disqus and the follow […]

Greece inching towards a coup…

Greece’s democracy in danger, warns Demos, as Greek reservists call for coup Greece ‘backsliding in democracy’ in face of joblessness, social unrest, corruption and disillusion with politicians, says thinktank No country has displayed more of a “backslide in democracy” than Greece, the British thinktank Demos has said in a study highlighting the crisis-plagued country’s slide into economic, social […]

Hans-Werner Sinn Talks Sense About Greece: “bottomless pit”

  ​The old standard still applies: Debts that cannot be repaid, won't be repaid. Papandreou appears to be stretching out his neck straight for the noose of the gallows in Syntagma Square.       Merkel to Sinn: “In my office. NOW.” June 7, 2011 by Alexander Gloy   […]   “I would recommend vacationing in […]

Ron Paul: “88% Of Fed Bailout Loans Went To Foreign Banks, And 100% Of NY Fed Loans”


The Greeks themselves appear to be leaning towards a different type of problem solving solution…   Government Says No to Helping States and Main Street, While Continuing to Throw Trillions at the Giant Banks   The Wall Street Journal noted last week:   Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke on Friday ruled out a central bank […]

Endgame For The Euro

  Euro Endgame TSF – June 1, 2011  By Janet Tavakoli, President of Tavakoli Structured Finance, Inc.   The European Central Bank (ECB) is facing a dilemma similar to that faced by major U.S. banks in the 1980’s with defaulted loans to Latin America.  The PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) collectively require debt […]

US Foreign Policy, Henry Kissinger & Greece


    Oh, wait, that's Henry coddling Pinochet on behalf of Oligarchy. — Here's a little memory aid on that one: Henry Kissinger and Chile’s 9/11/73 « Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle     •   •   •   •   •   •   •       “The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to […]

75% Greeks Negative on IMF, 33% Favors Changes through ‘Revolution’

Public Poll: 75% Greeks Negative on IMF, 33% Favors Changes through ‘Revolution’   Posted by keeptalkinggreece   Greeks are tired – tired of uncertainty, of recession, of empty pockets, of grim future, of political parties, of seek-and-hide governmental games and most of all, Greeks are tired of Greece’s lenders, the esteemed ladies and gentlemen of […]

Spain, Greece, and Collective Resistance to Neoliberalism and Oligarchy

  ‘Mother! This is What You Have Taught Me! Thank You!’ By Andy Price   (excerpts)   I entered Camp Sol on the eastern side, the side closest to the las Carretas entrance of the Metro – the underground here in Madrid – whose futuristic, glass-domed covering has served as the giant notice board for […]