Where are Marx and Lenin when we need them? — Paul Craig Roberts

Marx and Lenin were ahead of their time. Marx wrote before offshoring of jobs and the financialization of the economy. Lenin presided over a communist revolution that jumped the gun by taking place in a country in which feudal elements still predominated over capitalism. In 21st century America capitalism has been unfettered from the regulations that […]

Trans-Pacific Partnership Signed in New Zealand amid Mass Protests

On February 4, tens of thousands of people protested throughout New Zealand against the formal signing of the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement by representatives from 12 countries. The signing follows years of secret negotiations between the US, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. Approximately 20,000 people marched […]

Fear of «Islamization»

In 1895 French scholar Gustave Le Bon published his book «La Psychologie des Foules» – «The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind» – and only a few decades later it became a key inspiration for the infamous work by Adolf Hitler «Mein Kampf» (prohibited in a number of counties, but republished this year in Germany for […]

Listen Up, Socialist! An Open Letter to the Bernie Sanders Generation.

It used to be off-limits to talk the way we do. We can all remember when “capitalism” was synonymous with “good” in standard American English. In the mainstream mind, the word “socialism” only conjured up images of dictators and prison camps. But then in 2008, the economy crashed. People like you and me starting waking […]

Julian Assange: the Untold Story of an Epic Struggle for Justice

The siege of Knightsbridge is both an emblem of gross injustice and a gruelling farce. For three years, a police cordon around the Ecuadorean embassy in London has served no purpose other than to flaunt the power of the state. It has cost £12 million. The quarry is an Australian charged with no crime, a […]

SYRIZA Forces Demand “Requisitioning” of Greek Central Bank by Webster G. Tarpley

While the international press announced possible failure to Greece liquidity by the European Central Bank, a major faction of SYRIZA plans to declare a state of emergency and invoke the Treaty of Lisbon against the ECB. VOLTAIRE NETWORK | WASHINGTON D. C. (ÉTATS-UNIS) | 6 JULY 2015 As of 10pm EDT on Sunday, July 5th, […]

America Refuses to Face up to Its «Death Squads» in Blue

By Wayne Madsen – The riots in Baltimore have been presented as held covertly by gangs. Wayne Madsen shows that it is actually a popular revolt -not just the black community- against oppression. Baltimore Police was formed to repress of dissidents by Israel, on the model of the repression of the Palestinian resistance. Baltimore Police […]

Not Your Regular Evening News

This one takes the cake ! – Swift covert maneuvering is including an anti boycott Israel clause in Free Trade Agreements ! U.S. lawmakers are quietly advancing legislation that would penalize international participation in the growing movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction (BDS) Israel for human rights abuses against Palestinians. Pro-Israel Clause Added To […]

Japanese Resist US Military Bases In Okinawa

By Ayano Ginoza, Michiko Hase and Gwyn Kirk, www.fpif.org November 3rd, 2014 ( reposted from Popular Resistance) Despite intense crackdowns, activists on the Japanese island of Okinawa continue to resist the construction of new U.S. military bases. They come in kayaks and canoes to protect the bay, maintain a tent city on the beach, and […]

CIA Torture Report Incriminates Dick Cheney

Information received this week from the highest levels of US counter-terrorism sources have confirmed that the reputed “Queen of Al Qaeda,” Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a CIA torture victim now serving 87 years in an American “super-max” prison, was a CIA agent when captured and was imprisoned to prevent releasing information that could eventually lead to […]

NATO intends to prohibit Russia’s and China’s Development by Thierry Meyssan

The glitzy NATO summit in Newport has not publicly announced major decisions but it is likely that they were taken in secret. To prevent Russia and China – but also India – from continuing their development, NATO can count on Terrorism from the Islamic Emirate which it pretends to condemn and fight. VOLTAIRE NETWORK | […]

John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph by Thierry Meyssan

Everyone has noticed the contradiction of those who recently characterized the Islamic Emirate as “freedom fighters” in Syria and who are indignant today faced with its abuses in Iraq. But if that speech is incoherent in itself, it makes perfect sense in the strategic plan: the same individuals were to be presented as allies yesterday […]