Hillary Clinton: The International Neocon Warmonger by Webster G. Tarpley

Hillary Clinton has announced her candidacy for President of the United States. While the European press showers her with praise without thinking, Webster G. Tarpley recalls her balance sheet: in all circumstances, she supported war and corporate interests. As the National Journal reported in 2014, even the pathetically weak anti-war left is not ready to […]

The Fantasy World of Central Bank Interest Rates Has Set the Stage for the Second Wave of the Global Financial Crisis

Starting from February, deposits made with the Bank of Japan began to accrue negative interest. The interest rate at the Central Bank of Japan now stands at minus 0.1%. This is no longer seen as shocking. The central banks in developed countries began backing into the negative zone for passive operations several years ago. The motivation and […]

What I Didn’t Read In The TTIP Reading Room

By Katja Kipping, www.waronwant.org Above Photo: Eine Wachfrau im TTIP-Leseraum im Bundeswirtschaftsministerium, Foto: Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa Katja Kipping was one of the first German MPs to gain access to the new TTIP reading room opened in Berlin this week, and she has written up a report of her experience. We thought it was well worth translating […]

Ted Cruz PsyOp by Thierry Meyssan

For the first time in History, a team specialised in psychological operations is attempting to fabricate a candidate for the US Presidential elections and win him a home in the White House. His victory, if they succeed, would prove that it is possible to falsify the electoral process itself. It would also call into question […]

Koch Funding This Election Cycle Could Feed 4,500,000 Hungry Kids for a Month

(ANTIMEDIA) If you’ve ever been told your vote doesn’t count, but didn’t quite believe that to be true — maybe you were raised to believe in the power of democracy, or perhaps you feel your vote might prevent that other guy from grabbing the highest seat of power in the land — the Federal Election […]

There Is No Freedom Without Truth

The military-industrial complex had learned that regardless of the protestations of high-ranking military officers, no cost-overrun, no matter how egregious, went unpaid. Armaments industries and military bases were spread all over the country and were important considerations for every senator and many congressional districts. The chairmen of House and Senate military appropriations subcommittees and armed […]

US to Illegally Build Military Base in Syria in Preparation for Ground War

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told CNBC on January 22 he wants to speed up the battle to defeat the Islamic State. In an interview with «Squawk Box» at the World Economic Forum, Carter said the United States’ active allies in the fight are doing a lot, but can do more. Specifically, he said he wants to defeat ISIS in […]

Waiting for Perfect Storm

Let’s start with the IMF «reform» which will be in full effect in a few weeks. Even this mini «reform» had been repeatedly vetoed by the Empire of Chaos. Washington still holds the largest quota and voting shares in the IMF, ahead of Japan. But now China is in the 3rd place and BRICS members Brazil, […]

Evo Morales: Leader of Opposition to Neoliberalism in Latin America

In January, Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, marked ten years in office with a traditional ceremony at the historical site of Tiawanaku. The ceremony began at sunrise in the presence of hundreds of guests, including members of government and representatives from indigenous groups, public organisations, embassies and foreign delegations. Dressed in the robes of an Indian […]

The US and Israeli Plan to Dominate the UN

Ever since 1984, the US State Department, by federal law, has kept tabs on the voting records of the member states of the United Nations. The administration of Ronald Reagan, feeling burned by a number of UN votes that were lop-sided in opposition to US policies, most of them concerning Israel, wanted to keep a […]

Implementation of EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (I)

Ukraine is «saving Europe»!? The full implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, along with the opening of the Free Trade Area between the two parties on Jan. 1, 2016, was expected by Kiev to be an important historic milestone, upon which all of Ukraine’s problems would miraculously melt away. But what actually happened? The beginning […]

Putin Calls Out Obama on Big Lie

«In 2009, US President Obama said that the missile defense only serves as protection from Iranian nuclear missiles. But now there is an international treaty with Iran that bans Tehran from developing a potential military nuclear project. The International Atomic Energy Agency is controlling this, the sanctions against Iran are lifted – but still the […]