Chomsky’s Choice: Genocide?!

 What’ll It be Folks: Xenophobia or Genocide? by AIDAN O’BRIEN source: Have we reached the endgame of Western democracy? When we heard Chomsky, a week or two ago on Democracy Now, saying that if pushed he’d vote for Clinton, it felt like the end. So hell is this Hobbesian choice: xenophobia or genocide? And it’s […]

Against a Caliphate Revival: Assad, Putin and Obama.

Many essays by Thierry Meyssan suggest that Obama has not been in full control of elements within his administration’s foreign policy corps, especially during Hillary’s tenure at State. The history of palace intrigues would support such eventualities, so I see no reason not to allow such a possibility to color my thinking, which is not […]

Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Socialism Invites Saudi Billionaires To Kill And Destroy Yemen And Beyond

Bernie Sanders Again Insists That Saudi Arabia Should Kill More People  By David Swanson  source: Let’s Try Democracy Senator Bernie Sanders taped a PBS show at the University of Virginia on Monday. I had corresponded with the host Doug Blackmon beforehand, and offered him ideas for questions on military spending and war, questions like these: […]

The Utility of Social Democratic Reformism to Capitalism

“…social democracy’s inability to think beyond capitalism is the source of its terminal decline.”   The Great Reformer Olof Palme’s career illustrates the Swedish model’s great successes — and crippling weaknesses. by Kjell Östberg source: Jacobin This February will mark thirty years since Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot to death in central Stockholm. The […]

Refugee Migration Paints Neocon-neoliberalism Morally Bankrupt

I cannot help but to be reminded that Bernie Sanders believes in the opposite of what Putin asserts and advances, and certainly in this instance. (Bernie Sanders: Anti-Russian Propaganda and “Vermont Socialism” – NEO – New Eastern Outlook) His recent foreign policy remarks on drones and the importance of American military global dominance(hegemony) and his position […]

Bernie Sanders “Reporting For Duty!”

Sanders pledges his campaign to save Democratic Party By Patrick Martin 31 August 2015 source: WSWS In a speech Friday afternoon to the Democratic National Committee, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders portrayed his presidential campaign as the only way to rebuild popular support for the Democratic Party and save its electoral prospects in 2016. It was the […]

Elizabeth Warren’s Flawed Glass-Steagall Legislation v. Marcy Kaptur’s “Return to Prudent Banking Act of 2015.”

  Elizabeth Warren’s Glass-Steagall Legislation Has Two Fatal Flaws By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: July 20, 2015 source: Wall Street On Parade When it comes to sleuthing out how Wall Street has gamed the laws, conned the regulators and colluded to corrupt the whole financial system, there is no one in Congress sharper-eyed or more […]

The Koch Brothers’ Best Bet For Their Billions: President Bernie Sanders

I must admit that the eagerness of liberal pundits to deflect from the Dem party’s own dismal .o1% and billionaire supporters, by whipping up a frenzy around the “right libertarian” Kochs, always rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, hell, the global recession/depression which has birthed the largest transfer of wealth from the working-class to Wall Street’s “savvy businessmen” […]

Murray Bookchin, “The Bernie Sanders Paradox: When Socialism Grows Old”

By aligning with the Democrats, Sanders is giving tacit approval to the very party that launched 1918 First Red Scare, overseen by Woodrow Wilson, as well as the 1947 Red Scare, begun by Harry Truman. This is the same Democratic Party that jailed Socialist Party Presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs (allegedly Bernie’s hero), red-baited the […]

Bernie Sanders, Imperator In Waiting

I imagine that many Sandernistas will be disapointed. The Sandroid drones, of course, will start pushing LOTE arguments, instead of mobilizing to make Sanders reconsider his hare-brained ideas about “National Security.”   International rivals would be mistaken to assume he wouldn’t be prepared to use military force if that’s what circumstances required, Democratic presidential candidate […]

Like It or Not: Bernie Sanders’ Congressional Voting Record.

Depending on our individual political proclivities we reserve to ourselves the right to have strong opinions regarding the respective presidential candidates’ merits or demerits. This, of course, is as it ought to be. Out of self respect and respect for our adversaries, however, and no matter how strongly we may feel about any candidate, we should […]

Two Hetereodox Views Of The Global Market Meltdown – Take Note!

Thom Hartmann – the partisan hack that he is – tends to abuse the term “Reaganomics” in an effort to deflect blame from the neoliberal Dem party which has adopted the underlying ideology for its own — understood world-wide not as “Reaganomics” but as neoliberalism — which preceded Reagan(and Thatcher) by at least a decade […]