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Anyone who has ever experienced the dreaded RED BLOCK, ‘We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by a frequently visited site ‘ they will no doubt..have a what the frigging fracking fuck fuck fart moment, eventually you might decide to contact the site that has blocked you and simply ask, what’s up ? I didIMG_3441

I was told that my IP numbers are never the same (and there was nothing they could do), I replied that my IP number could be different to the fact that I might be using a different computer in an Internet cafe, one at work, a library, a friends, a tablet, or an I phone, there are plenty of reasons not to have the same IP all the time, why should it be the same, where does it say that one must have the same IP number at all times ?

Well the red block has happened a few times now, and soon learned that you can actually keep on posting by signing in on a proxy server, the one I used only allowed me to make replies to what appeared on my dash but no direct comments, eventually I noticed that I could post comments as per normal and continued until it happened again, this time I did not use the proxy server.

Initially I thought it was my email, they also use a proxy server, you see the new DISQUS is simply terrible, and when someone has set their profile to private, you will not be notified unless you check your nominated email account, that is if you clicked the notify me of replies to my comment’s box on your DQ profile, or you will never see any replies made unless you scan the entire comment board, which can run into the hundreds if not thousands of comment’s and is therefore very time consuming.

I found that rather than using the terrible not really improved dash, I could read all my replies in the nominated email account, then by right clicking on the link in the email and opening it in a new window, it would take me straight to the exact comment on the board, bugger using the new dash ,this worked lot’s faster ☻, but the red block soon re-appeared and then they would mysteriously disappear  again. Lately… the dash somehow functions again and the links don’t always work quite the way that I planned, Still I am quite willing to blame it on DQ.

Eventually I found a clue, some years ago I installed Abine track blocker on my computers and then completely forgot about installing it or what it actually did, certainly the ad’s stopped and that’s important. Abine prevents sites from tracking you in order to avoid targeted advertising, I simply do not tolerate advertising so I absolutely love this track blocker, and here is the thing, each time when I start my pc I get a different IP number, and like I mentioned, there are a number of reasons for not having the same number all the time, which leads to why the red block ?

The scourge of the web ‘the spammer & the troll’ are getting barred by Mod’s who immediately block the IP numbers involved, except the spammer and the troll use different IP numbers all the time, so this is hardly a practical solution, the mod would be better off spending their time waiting for someone to actually flag the spammer or the troll rather than go round looking for non matching IP numbers and blocking those accounts.

Due to the high number of respected DQ users who have been red blocked from certain sites in recent times, I thought that it might be worth a mention that this could have been due to the changing of IP numbers by using proxy servers and track blockers, Love the track blocker but be aware that it might be a reason for encountering the red block.

  • sisterlauren

    OK, did you send it by email or snail mail?

    Thanks for explaining how the red blocking has been affecting you. I just go ahead and let them block me. I use the same computer all the time and have it hardwired to cable, no airports for me. I’m more interested in finding out which media out lets are naughty and which are nice.

    BTW, I thought of another Jewish person who is a 9/11 truther, that makes two.

    • sisterlauren

      I consider blocking 9/11 truth to be a media outlet sin.

      • Southern

        Talk about hidden agenda’s and content control !

        Wow, re our last conversation – all of it disappeared vamous, gone nada, zilch.

        Comments are now closed which is odd for a well respected author and even more odd considering the comment board was closed after 14 hours and now shows only 18 comments.

  • kokanee

    Hey SF, Enjoyed your post! -k

    • Southernfink

      All good Kokanee, the darn mod squat has been at it again.