How I’ll Remember Bill Moyers Retirement from PBS

I’ve always liked Bill Moyers.  His on screen persona, affable demeanor and down-home style, what’s not to like. I stumbled upon his blog the same way most find things on the net: by accident and trial and error. This accident led me to a page posted on a site bearing his name announcing an upcoming […]

Who ordered the attack against Charlie Hebdo? by Thierry Meyssan

While many French react to the attack against Charlie Hebdo denouncing Islam and demonstrating in the streets, Thierry Meyssan points out that the jihadist interpretation is impossible. While it would be tempting for him to see it as an Al Qaeda or Daesh operation, he envisages another, much more dangerous hypothesis. this report, France 24 […]

The Congressional report on torture confirms that Al Qaeda was not involved in the attacks of September 11 by Thierry Meyssan

Publicly released excerpts of the report of the Senate Committee on the CIA’s secret torture program reveal a vast criminal organization. Thierry Meyssan has read for you the 525 pages of this document. He found evidence of what he has been saying for years. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, on December 9, […]

CIA Torture Report Incriminates Dick Cheney

Information received this week from the highest levels of US counter-terrorism sources have confirmed that the reputed “Queen of Al Qaeda,” Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, a CIA torture victim now serving 87 years in an American “super-max” prison, was a CIA agent when captured and was imprisoned to prevent releasing information that could eventually lead to […]

Russia Cannot be Squeezed Out of Energy Market

The surprise energy agreement between Russia and Turkey was preceded by two other proposals: first, Israel was prepared to supply the European Union with gas that it would steal from its neighbors; on the other hand, Azerbaijan also stood ready to supply gas. Ultimately, only the Russian proposal turned out to be both serious and […]


Dear President Obama: It was late in the evening when we first learned of your decision Friday to deploy an additional 1,500 troops to Iraq. Sorry, we were catching up on the latest episode of “Lilyhammer.” But, seriously, is that a tradition in the States? Releasing such news late on a Friday with the fatuous […]

Evacuation comment board – They might have removed our comments – They will never silence us.

At first everything appears swell, you’ve read an article and posted a comment and is soon followed up by some positive responses – and everything appears fine – the exchange of communication chatters along and becomes a little deeper – more serious if you like. Next you decide that this requires to post a link […]

NATO intends to prohibit Russia’s and China’s Development by Thierry Meyssan

The glitzy NATO summit in Newport has not publicly announced major decisions but it is likely that they were taken in secret. To prevent Russia and China – but also India – from continuing their development, NATO can count on Terrorism from the Islamic Emirate which it pretends to condemn and fight. VOLTAIRE NETWORK | […]