Bernie Sanders: ‘Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal’

That’s a stumper of a stomper, WTF? My first reaction was ‘indeed!,’ immediately followed by: not the Kochs again! Smacks of more deflecting and shilling for the Dems from Bernie. “Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal,” Sanders said in a wide-ranging interview with the website. “That’s a right-wing proposal, which says essentially there […]

Broad And Inclusive Social Movements v. Revolutionary Moments

Michael Albert and Robin Hahnel are the authors of The Political Economy of Participatory Economics which proposes and develops a participatory, alternative model, to markets. This interview, thankfully, does not revolve around Parecon but, instead, addresses working class travails and the wherewithal of social movements.  I was struck by the following graph because it appears so self evident, and yet seems to […]

UKIP’s Nigel Farage Defogs Politics —Endorses UK Labor’s Socialist Jeremy Corbyn

Being firmly against neoliberal Europe I’ve always found Farage’s  take downs of Barroso, Van Rompuy and Martin Schulz, in the EU Parliament, a treat. His anti immigrant positions – bear with me – given the struggling neoliberal economics of austerity; dearth of jobs and falling wages, in the UK, are populist. Neoliberalism, of course, is an […]

Egypt — Stuck Between Crazed Servants of God and Megalomaniacal Servants of Empire

Everything is all fucking splendid along the Nile. Carry on! *** What a choice for Egypt – a megalomaniac president or the madness of Isis By Robert Fisk , July 20, 2015 source: The Independent The images of an Egyptian gunboat exploding off the coast of Sinai last week were a warning to our Western politicians. Yes, we […]

Magical Bernie Sanders: “We Can Has Guns and Butter!”

When, by the graces of Bernie Sanders’ entry into the 2016 presidential dog and pony show “socialism” becomes identified,  popularized and defined, as an economic program, imbedded in capitalism and supportive of imperial militarism – so long as it’s sold as R2P(responsibility to protect) by neocons peddling justifiable wholesale murder to the left – socialists, humanists […]

Bernie Sanders and “the leading graveyard of grassroots protest and social movements”

Yup. Debunking of left-most presidential candidates for the Dem party nomination and their political roles is Paul Street’s specialty. His Senator Obama pieces extinguished Obama’s warmly glowing halo before and all through the elections, for all who read them. And while Sanders is not anywhere nearly the Manchurian candidate Obama turned out to be, he is […]

Athens, Greece: Democracy Rising World Conference 2015

source: The broad spectrum of opinions and strategies on the past, present and future of Greece – and socialism within the current, global neoliberal, framework – expressed in several segments at the source, offers a very interesting, intellectually and emotionally charged, roller-coater ride. The “contrasting” views of Costas Lapavitsas and Leo Panitch merit, IMO, especial […]

The Muddled Politics of Bernie Sanders

The comments to this article have been closed at WSWS… I’m struck, again, by the dogmatic framing of socialism propounded in this statement: “Since the publication of the Communist Manifesto in 1848, which proclaimed, “Workers of the world, unite!” the socialist movement has been an international movement,” which, IMO, has acted as a monumental loophole which […]

When Conservatives Grieve The Passing Of Socialism

One would hope that left of center liberals’ ears would perk up when the “father” of Reaganomics is reduced to pearl-clutching over the rout of Syriza by Europe’s agents of the neoliberal New World Order. In the case of PCR it is not that he has become a socialist, rather, that without socialism to counter the global aristocracy, conservatives’ […]

The “Troika” And Tsipras Quadriga Coup

“Tsipras is set to sack ministers who did not support his negotiating position in a vote last Friday and make dissident lawmakers in his Syriza party resign their seats, people close to the government said.” A lesson in power and a manual on how to destroy resistance from the left. Who knows, they might […]

A Left Market Anarchist Perspective On The Greek Tragedy

So here we have a description of the functioning and the legitimacy of the State within the context of a global – certainly western – plutocracy/oligarchy, presenting as Inverted Totalitarianism. Followed by – and I love this bit of self awareness: I hesitate to recommend Greece abandon the Euro and cut its ties with the European Central […]

The Surreal Surrender Of The Putative, Socialist, Greek Left

The first stage of the surrender to the dictates of EU’s lackey technocrats, and to Germany’s iron will to re-create a Third Reich, using Ordoliberal conceits and financialized weapons of mass destruction wielded by another Goldmanite for the people,  is now a fait-accompli. The question remains, until tomorrow(Sunday, Jul 12,) whether Tsipras and the Syriza MP’s […]